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Albuquerque Morning Journal
Albuquerque Morning Journal
Contributed by Loren H

Description: Realtor Shoots Lover..

Date: July 16 1910

Source: my granary


Charles W Rigdon 65 years old, well known for many years in Chicago real estate circles and father of Jay A Rigdon, assistant cashier of the Hibernian Banking association seriously wounded Mrs Emma Deufex, a young widow and then shot and killed himself in the office of John C Fetzer in a downtown office building here late today(7/15)
Police Inspector Lavin says the shooting is the outgrowth of a romance in which love and business were tangled.The police say Mrs Deufex has been a close friend of Rigdon for several years and that Rigdon had given her money and stocks and then had quarreled with her. Mrs Deufex say the police called upon Rigdon to carry out certain promises and despite his refusal persisted in going to him and in attempting to effect a settlement.
Mrts Deufex was accompanied to the Fetzer office, where Rigdon had a private room ,by Miss Mary Wilson of Hinsdale Illinois and Mr Fetzer talked with the two women before the shooting, but the police have been unable ot discover the exact conversation that took place between Rigdon and Mrs Deufex.
Pending a coroner's inquest, Mrs Deufex is being treated under guard at St Luke's hospital and Miss Wilson is held a prisoner at the Harrison street police station. Inspector Lavin has been able to learn little regarding Mrs Deufex and Miss Wilson although Mrs Deufex is said to be from St Paul and to have a sister in a Wisconsin Convent.
Two unsigned letters found in the dead man's coat havew been secured by the police and are being used in efforts to unravel the tragedy.Both leters were written by a woman.One severely critcizes Rigdon and the other addresses him in endearing terms.
The p[olice are attempting to secure information from Mr Fetzer, who seems disinclined to talk of the tragedy.Fetzer rated as a millionaire is a former member of the chicago board of education,was receiver for the local bank wrtecked by Paul O Stendland and for a number of years was real estate manatger for the McCormick estate.
Rigdon recently returned to Chicago from an extended western trip. He is said to have made an extensive deal in Nevada mining propery while on this trip..

Submitted: 05/29/06

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