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San Andreas Independent
San Andreas Independent
Contributed by deesar

Date: September 17 1859

Newspaper published in: San Andreas, Calaveras County, CA

The San Andreas Independent
San Andreas, Calaveras County, CA
Saturday, 17 September 1859

MARRIED -- at San Andreas, Sept. 11th, 1859, Mr. Jackson COSSELL to Mrs. Hester Ann FAUNCE, both of Calaveras county.

MARRIED -- in San Leandro, Sept. 11th, at the residence of H.K.W. CLARK, Esq., by Rev. A.H. MYERS; Col. James L.L.F. WARREN, editor California Farmer, to Miss Lizzie WILEY, M.D., daughter of Elder P.P. WILEY, of Madison, Indiana.

DIED -- in Sacramento, Sept. 11th, to the wife of M.G. UPTON, Associate editor of the Standard, in the 29th year of her age.


A FATAL DUEL at San Andreas -- For several days past we have heard suspicions rumored about town that a duel was in contemplation between 2 gentlemen resident here; but nothing was known publicly, as whatever arrangements were being made were cautiously kept secret.

On Thursday night, however, it was pretty generally suspected that a meeting was arranged for next morning between Wm. J. GATEWOOD, Esq., and Dr. P. GOODWYN. We have reason to believe that the seconds -- W.T. LEWIS (late State Senator) and Major GLYNN, for GOODWYN; and Capt. POPE and Martin ROWAN, for GATEWOOD, left no honorable efforts untried to remove the cause of the quarrel without a resort to arms.

Early yesterday morning, 4 or 5 carriages, containing the principals, seconds, surgeons and a few friends left town, driving along the old road towards the Kentucky House. The meeting, we are informed, was arranged to take place at 6 oclock near the Kentucky House; but, for some reasons unknown to us, the parties drove farther along the road, coming to a halt on the flat near FORMANs.

Here they alighted and proceeded to measure off the ground. The agreement was, to fight with rifles; distance, 40 yards. Mr. LEWIS, acting for GOODWYN, won the word; Captain POPE, for GATEWOOD, the choice of ground. The preliminaries were all arranged, and the parties ready for position by 7 oclock a.m. The principals are reported to have both appeared cool, and to have exchanged courtesies at the moment of taking positions assigned by the seconds. The word was given thus: Are you ready? Fire! One, two, three. At the interrogative part of the sentence, each answered, I am. At the moment that the word three was about to be articulated, both sprung the triggers of their rifles. Dr. GOODWYNs hung fire, and he lost his shot. Mr. GATEWOODs shot struck GOODWYN in the abdomen, ranging obliquely, and downwards, passing out at the hip.

Immediately upon Dr. GOODWYNs fall, Mr. GATEWOOD advanced toward him, extending his hand and remarking, Doctor, I am very sorry that this affair has terminated so -- very sorry, indeed. To which the Doctor replied, I am glad to know that you acted like a gentleman. GATEWOOD thanked him for his kind remark and left the field in company with his surgeon.

Mr. GATEWOODs carriage, which was a large vehicle, with room to accommodate the wounded man in a reclining position, was left for that purpose and he returned to town in the Doctors buggy. In about an hour GOODWYN was brought in and conveyed to his room. He was in great agony and only survived some 2 or 3 hours, dying between 11 and 12 oclock in the morning.

Universal regret at the bloody and fatal termination of the affair, is the sentiment that pervades the town. Both gentlemen are well known here, have lived in the place for years, and have many warm friends. It also so happens that the friends of one are the friends of the other. Every one exonerates Mr. GATEWOOD from blame; and it is agreed upon all hands that the duel was, throughout, conducted upon the most humane and honorable terms known to the Code. Perhaps no one more sincerely regrets its fatal termination than Mr. GATEWOOD himself.

We are not informed as to the precise cause of the meeting, but have heard that it originated before the election. Angry words were passed by Dr. GOODWYN and were resented by a blow from Mr. GATEWOOD. A challenge was then sent by the former to the latter, when the matter, we believe, was postponed until yesterday.

We might here, with much appropriateness, indulge in a moral essay upon the general evils of the duello and prove, for the thousandth time, its utter incompatibility with the faith of a christian; but when the Supreme Judge of the State can lay down his ermine to fight a duel; when a U.S. Senator does not think it so terrible to face the shot an experienced marksman, at 10 paces, as to look public opinion in the eye and incur its scorns, by refusing to accept a challenge; when society and the people lavish their favors and caresses upon those who have fought duels and honor them -- we see no recognized crime or violence to the commonwealth, in the act just perpetrated. If the people desire to put an end to the code, let them say so in some unmistakable manner; but so long as the record stands as it does, and the public are more eager to scorn him who refuses, than punish him who accepts a challenge, we cannot hold duelling as a very obnoxious exception to our public morality, whatever may be said and written under the impulse which some great or good mans fall gives to our sympathies.


FUNERAL OBSEQUIES -- The funeral obsequies of Dr. P. GOODWYN will take place at San Andreas today. The procession will move at 1 oclock p.m.

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