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The Castroville ‘Argus’
The Castroville ‘Argus’
Contributed by deesar

Description: General Transcription

Date: June 1869

Newspaper published in: Castroville

The Castroville ‘Argus’
June., 1869
Castroville, Monterey
June 5, 1869

(Remember, San Benito county is still a part of Monterey county, at this time.)

Born -- HATCH -- in Castroville, Sunday, May 29th, to the wife of S. HATCH, a son.

Married -- HOWARD-NANCE -- in Monterey, May 31st, H.P. HOWARD to Miss Elizabeth NANCE, by S.E. PARDE_

Died -- NORIEGA -- in San Jose, on the 30th, ult., Senor Jose NORIEGA, aged 73 years.

House Moved -- Last Tuesday, the house formerly occupied by Mr. HANSON, was removed from the old site to the corner of the Catholic Church lot, where it will be fitted up as the residence of Father Hugh CURRAN. The removal was done in so short a time that it drew comment from many, who, in the evening saw the house, where in the morning was a vacant lot. We never saw a like job done, even in that great house-moving city of San Francisco to equal it.

STORER’s Ferry Improvement -- We learn that there is to be a great and much needed improvement at the ferry across the slough leading from this place to Watsonville. On each side the piers are to be extended out into deeper water, and by that means a longer slope be gained, which will enable it to be crossed at any time of the year. We believe that Capt. John HERNANDIA is to do the work, and therefore, we shall expect to see it well done and shortly completed.

A New Hall in Salinas City -- It will be seen by reference to our new advertisements that the new Hall of Mr. P.H. MAGUIRE will be opened to the public on Tuesday, the 8th inst., by a grand ball. We do not for a moment doubt but that it will be “the Ball of the season,” as Mr. MAGUIRE’s knowledge of such things, and his ability to arrange, renders him one of the few men who know how to get up such an affair in good style, so as to give satisfaction to all that attend.

More New Houses -- We omitted to mention last week, in our article on improvements, the erection of 2 buildings by Mr. WRIGHT, one as a dwelling and the other for business purposes. Also, the dwelling of Mr. Geo. G. GRIFFIN, which is now complete.

Castroville Hotel Extension -- We notice that Mr. Juan POMBER is putting up an extension to his hotel. This addition will enable the proprietor to add materially to the comfort of the traveling public, and has been rendered necessary from the increase of travel through the valley, which is becoming greater daily.

June 12, 1869

Married -- LEE-ELMORE -- at the Lick House, San Francisco, by the Rev. Mr. LUDLOW; Julius LEE to Miss Helen M. ELMORE, of Watsonville.
Married -- HINDS-HOWE -- in Santa Cruz, June 8th, Mr. A.J. HINDS to Miss Sarah HOWE, both of Santa Cruz.

We are pleased to see by the ‘Flag,’ that old friend, W.S. CANAN, has been appointed Postmaster at Healdsburg. Should the throng at the “general delivery” ever become too great and bewildering, William, come Tom GIBBS on them and make them “fall back and come up in alphabetical order, dag-an ‘em.”

The road from Castroville to Natividad will be completed to-day, the finishing touch being given by the completion of the bridge across the slough on the ESPINOSA Rancho. This is the 3rd and last bridge on this road.

June 19, 1869

Married -- ARMSTRONG-SPRAGUE -- on the 12th inst at the house of Mr. John SEXTON near Salinas City, Mr. W.J. ARMSTRONG, of Sotoville, to Lydia U. SPRAGUE, of Chico.

Died -- SPEEGLE -- at his residence in Castroville, on the 16th inst., James L. SPEEGLE, aged 36 years. [The funeral of Mr. James L. SPEEGLE yesterday was very largely attended. The corpse was taken from deceased’s late residence to the Catholic Church where the solemn mass for the dead was impressively celebrated; after which, the body was followed to the grave by a larger cortage than we have every seen out a large city.]

Died -- LYNCH -- at Monterey, June 16th, James LYNCH, aged 40 years.

**Real Estate Transactions --
-Juan Francisco ANZAR to Estanislao HERNANDEZ; interest in Real de las Aguilas, Santa Ana y Quien Sabe and Vega del Rio del Pajaro Ranchos; $35,000
-Alfred THOMPSON to J.W. WHITTON and G.W. WARE; 608ac of public lands in San Juan Twp; $8,750
-M. COLEMAN to Peter BREEN; 8 12/100 ac in San Juan Twp; $700
-Alvin B. ABBOTT to DORIS & COINE; 180ac of public land in Monterey Twp; $1000
-Jas. McKINLEY to Geo. C. HARRIS; lot in Monterey City; $10
-J.B. CASTRO, et al, to Jno T. ROBERTS; lot in Castroville; $350
-D.C. MARTIN to W.H. GIBSON; lot in Castroville; $350
-VANDERHURST, SANBORN & Co.; to Thos. KEHOE; lot in Salinas City; $500
-Patrick BREEN to Georgia THOMPSON; lot in San Juan; $400
-Pablo VASQUEZ to Francisco LOTIS; 160ac near Salinas river; $200

Ghastly Discovery -- Last Thursday, a well-digger engaged in sinking a well in the rear of Mr. BOICE’s tin war establishment, came upon human remains, at the depth of about 4 ft. The body must have been buried years ago, for there was nothing left but the skeleton. None of the present inhabitants can give any clue as to whose grave it is. Probably a forgotten hunter or trapper. The last we heard of the remains were some cogitative remarks of Dr. ALDERMAN’s, “Well preserved teeth, femur, pelvic, and beautiful skeleton.”

New Hall in Salinas City -- By referring to our advertising columns, it will be seen that Mr. Henry MYERS will open his commodious public hall in Salinas City on the evening of July 5th.

**Monterey Items -- J.S. BRITAIN, formerly of he ‘Gazette,’ has returned after an absence at the East of 6 months, and was very cordially welcomed by all his old friends and acquaintances. He now intends to remain in Monterey.

June 26, 1869

Born -- TOLMAN -- in Castroville, on the 20th inst., to the wife of D.C. TOLMAN, a son.
Born -- STOEFLER -- in Santa Cruz, June 14th, to the wife of George STOEFLER, a daughter.

Married -- VIERRA-JESUS -- in Monterey, on the 20th inst., Joseph VIERRA to Emilia JESUS, both of Monterey city.
Married -- VAN DOREN-CATHCART -- at Santa Cruz, June 22nd, Samuel M. VAN DOREN, of San Francisco, to Sophia CATHCART, of Santa Cruz.

**Obituary -- The death of James L. SPEEGLE, chronicled in last week’s issue of the ‘Argus,’ is deeply felt by all who knew him. He was a native of Alabama, and was born Jan. 21st, A.D. 1833; came to this State in 1849 and settled in this valley in 1855. He has held the offices of County Recorder, Justice of the Peace and Notary Public. His strong mind, clear understanding and high sense of justice enabled him to fill those offices with honor to himself and satisfaction to the people. He was admitted to the Bar a few months ago, but his failing health prevented him from entering into practice. His early education was neglected, but his indomitable will surmounted the difficulty, and by thorough application he soon attained a respectable education. Being a self-made man, he was ever the friend of the poor, and was always foremost in promoting the interest of the public. In all enterprises, whether local or national, he used discretion and judgment; and after due deliberation, acted with a view to promote justice. He was firm in advocating truth, and fearless in denouncing vice. Although a young man, he occupied a place in the hearts of his fellow-men, whose void cannot easily be filled. He was swept from the stage in the very prime of life, and at a time when the influence of all truly good men is needed. The community will deeply feel their loss; and while they sincerely sympathize with the bereaved wife and friends, will mourn the fate of one who was cut down, just at the threshold of a useful life. But life is uncertain, and death is sure; sooner or later, we must all meet the grim monster; his sway is immutable; and, as it is the will of Him “Who doeth all things well,” let us submit without a murmer. Mr. SPEEGLE was perfectly cognizant of his approaching change; and when the death damp settled on his brow, he called his friends to his bedside, and taking them one by one, by the hand, he advised them to a strict performance of duty, and an honorable and upright life. He then bid each an affectionate farewell, and patiently awaited the deliverer. The scene was touching and sublime. Every heart was moved, and every eye was bathed in tears, except his, whose soul was so near eternity. He remained perfectly calm and resigned, relying and trusting in Him “who hears even the young ravens when they cry.”

**Some Mutton -- Three sheep butchered within the last few days at PARDOE & TOLMAN’s, weighed respectfully 110, 115, & 118 lbs when dressed, and we have been informed by one that partook thereof, and claims to be a Judge, that the meat was delicious. We are satisfied from the unctuous smack of the lips that accompanied its delivery, that the opinion was sincere. The sheep were raised by Mr. LOCKWOOD in this valley.

**Castroville Delegates -- The following named gentlemen were on the evening of the 19th inst., [one line illeg.] …Democratic County Convention, held at Salinas,
on the 23rd:

**From Our San Juan Correspondent -- June 23rd, 1869 --
-Our old friend HUBBARD, the well known wagon maker has sold out, and now Mr. Julius KOHN has likewise disposed of his interest in the firm of Villegas to Y.P. VILLEGAS, the variety vender; who has removed his stock to his brother’s old place, where the business will be carried on under the name of VILLEGAS & Bros.
-John R. COMFORT still continues to keep the most ‘comfortable’ house this side of Frisco, and if you want a good “square” meal you are bound to get it there.
-The work on our Public School House is progressing, and when completed will no doubt be an ornament to the place and a credit to its architect.

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