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The Rushville Times
The Rushville Times
Contributed by familyrelics

Description: Schuyler Facts: Robbery September 29, 1930 Camden State Bank

Date: Unknown Unknown 2000

Newspaper published in: Rushville

Source: scrapbook

The Camden State Bank was robbed on September 29, 1930.
As cashier ROY C. DALY was opening the bank for the day, three robbers appeared, forced him to open the vault, tied him up and taped his mouth shut.
Before he could untie himself and go for help, t he robbers haad bravely walked down main street, three abreast, in their hunting coats, carrying sawed-off shot guns, and flour sacks which contained the money thrown over their shoulders, to the north end of town to their car.
They appeared to those who saw them as local hunters, going out early in the morning for a day of hunting. They hid out in a vacant house about three and a half miles northeast of Camden until law officials gave up, and they escaped.

Submitted: 01/20/07

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