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Date: Various Various 2000

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The Schuyler County Farm and Home was first known as the Alms House, often referred to as the Poor House or Poor Farm, and was located in Buenavista Township.
A property tax was levied in 1850 for the purchase of land on which to build a poor house and other necessary buildings. In 1853, the fund amounted to $3,802.56.
The first home, built before the Civil War, was made of log and located about one quarter mile from where the county farm buildings now stand.
The second home, built in 1870, was made of brick. Until t he superintendent's home was built in 1900, he lived in the same building with the inmates.
The other buildings were a flour house, a milk house, a wash house, and a meat house. All these buildings, as well as the brick poor house, have been torn down.
During the Great Depression, the home was filled to capacity, having sixty inmates, including twenty-two children, at one time. Several families had to move into the home. At one time there were three generations of two different families. Two babies were born at the home.
A school was started for the fifteen school-age children in the home.
Behind the superintendent's home is a graveyard with thirty-two graves, including eleven visible markers. The last grave marker is dated 1926.

Name badges worn on the first Smiles Day celebration on Sept. 17, 1919, said "HOWD'Y! These Are My Sentiments: SMILE.Smile, and While YOU Smile Another Smiles and soon there's Miles and Miles of Smiles, And Life's Worth While Because YOU Smile."

FIELDING FRAME was a deck hand on an Illinois River steamboat which landed at Erie in Frederick Township in the winter of 1837-38, and was held in port when ice closed navigation.
FRAME got in a fight at a tavern with a German man who would not stop smoking when ordered to do so, and stabbed the man to death.
FRAME was arrested, charged with murder, and lodged in jail in Rushville. He was defended by ABRAHAM LINCOLN and T.LYLE DICKEY.
In 1838, the case was taken to Hancock County on a change of venue. FRAME was found guilty on April 24, 1839, at Carthage. He was the last man to be executed for a murder committed in Schuyler County.

FRANCIS MARION DRAKE was born December 30, 1830, in Rushville. He started his working career at the age of 16, working in his father's store.
He enlisted in the Union Forces, retiring in 1865 as a Brigadier General. He practiced law, put five railroads into operation and was elected Governor of Iowa in 1895.
In 1861 he gave a $20,000 endowment to begin Drake University. Over his lifetime, he gave approximately $200,000 to Drake, the only major private university in Iowa.

The Camden Hotel was built and kept by JOSEPH WARD, who laid out the village of Camden in 1831.
It was one of the larger dwellings in Camden, with twelve or more rooms. The bay window toward the rear of the building was in the dining room, where the hotel guests were served their meals.
There was a large livery barn at the back, with a well and large watering trough.

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