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Description: A LIST of LETTERS remaining in the Post Office at Jacksonville on the 1st day of April 1841

Date: April 10 1841

Newspaper published in: Jacksonville

Source: microfilm of newspaper

Page/Column: pg 3 column 4

A LIST of LETTERS remaining in the Post Office at Jacksonville on the 1st day of April 1841,
which if not taken out before the 1st day of July 1841 will be sent to the General Post Office
as dead letters.
Angel George
Adams Henry
Armstrong John
Anderson Wm
Armstrong James
Anderson James
anderson John
Allison Benjamin
Akers Wm D
Armstrong A D
Berkby Benj H
Bishop Ellen
Bateman Miss Susan
Buchanan John
Brown Bedford
Bacon Elijah
Barton John H
Bennett Isaac R
Bennett John
Brown & McLean
Bullard Jeremiah
Brown & Robinson
Boyl John
Baker J
Broadit Thomas
Barrows Isaac R
Beggs James L
Berry Thomas
Bowen Joseph 2
Brown Elias 2
Brown Arial S
Busley Wm Esqr
Clark Wm 2
Clark Wm C
Crain Mrs MArtha
Connover mr
Cunningham Miss Jane
Cunningham David
Callaway M R
Connover Miss Nancy
Campbell F
Clark Thomas
Costins Mrs Catherine
Cox Harris 2
Chandler Samuel
Corson Isaac W
Campton W H
Cole Robert
Criswell George
Craig Hugh G
Craig james
Carney Michal
Doll/Dall/Dalf? John
D?cnich Daniel
Davis Clark A
Dobson John
Dickins James H
Dorsey John
Edgar John
E??es John
Evins John
Foster John
Falls James
Fox joseph
Forsythe Benj D L
Fogus S C 3
Flourney Thos Min
Fenney Thos
Fuller Asa Gen
Gillham Miss M
Grimsley F 2
Gatewood John
Griffen James D
Gallaber Wm G L
Gilliland Robert
Hanks Knowlton
Hanks Jacob
Hobs mrs L
Hurkam Benj
Horney Benj
Hoody J B
House Robt
Hendly J B
Hugh John
Hutching Isaac
Hays Joseph
Hamilton Rev John
Holmes Hiram
Harney John
Hanford George
Hale milstack
Heart John
Hedehus A W
Hurst Jonathan
Hays John
Henderson J W
Hurd nehemiah
Hall William
Ingersall Sanford
Johnson J G
Johnson Miss Martha
Jordan Monroe 2
Karns George
Keler James

Kenerday Samuel
Lindsey W K
Leslie Mir?n
Lawranse Wm
Lohr Isaac
Lambert R
Lindsey Miss Permla 3
Lewis William
Leonard Abraham
Longwith Thos
Murray Thos 2
McNeely R T
McCord Mrs Elizabeth
McRoberts Michael
McCurby Felix
McConnell Miss Jane
Man Mr
Myers Mrs Jane
Mills jr R
Mason Hugh
Mass Wm
Martin Thos 4
Mann John
Moore Cyrus A
Moore Elizabeth
Miller Esther
Milborn John
Marteny John
Mingle Peter
Morgan James
Mathers Henry
Maples Geo
Neal Maria
Nicholas Agrippa
Nolen Mr
Nesbitt Wm
Ogg John
Prunty John
Palmer Michael
Palmer E W 2
Patterson Wm 2
Porter James M
Prewett John
Petre John
Parrot tyre
Parker Enoch
Prigion Larkin
Reaves Isaac
Robertson Wm 2
Robinson Isaac
Robinson Miss sath O
Robinson James
Robertson J J
Robertson Samuel
Robertson John M
Rouse David
Rimzy Nancy
Rosenburger John
Richardson L D
Russel andrew
Reede Miss Elizabeth
Rogers Peter A
Reaugh Charles
Rutherford Miss aga
Rees S H
Rannels David A
Smith Jackson
Smith Nelson
Smith Samuel
Smith J D
Smith Wm
Swinerton James
Spencer & Catlin
Strain Benj
Stringam Ezra
Samples Wm A
Sturgis anna
swails james
Stout Wm G
Stadley Jacob
Stephenson Septimous
Sunsberlin Die
Stephenson J F
Seat Solomon
Shoat George
Tiff Nathan
Taylor Isham
Taylor Amanda M F
Taylor Charlotte Jane
Talliaferro Chas
Thomson John
Updike Peter C
Vaneaton Joseph 2
Vosburgh Wm
Woods Miss E L
Westgall F L
Weigh Joseph
Way Jesse
Wells John
Warlford Joseph 2
Watson Jas C
Wilson Wm G
Wharton Stephen
Wyatt John 2
Wyatt James 2

Persons calling for any of the above letters will please say advertised or they may not get them.

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