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The Indianola Bulletin
The Indianola Bulletin
Contributed by dorholub

Date: March 25 1852

Newspaper published in: Indianola

Divine Service.- The Rev. Mr. Homer S. THRALL, of the M. E. Church South, will hold a sacramental meeting in the church in Indianola on the 17th and 18th of April.

We are authorized to say that the Rev. Mr. THRALL will preach in Indianola on the third Sabbath in each month, with two services on that day, and one the night previous.

- The District Court of this county, which met on Monday week last, has for the first time had a session of two weeks, Hon. Fielding JONES, presiding, with the following attorneys in attendance, A. S. CUNNINGHAM, A. H. PHILLIPS, Wm. S. GLASS of Victoria; J. J. HOLT and Thomas HAYNES of Texana; James DENNISON of Matagorda; Gen. Thos. J. CHAMBERS, of Anahuac; Wm. IRVIN, James T. LYTLE, F. S. STOCKDALE, C. A. HARPER, G. W. PALMER, Wm. J. HOWERTON of this county.

- The steamboat MAJ. A. HARRIS, Capt. MAFFIT, built at Cincinnati to run between Corpus Christi and Indianola, arrived at Galveston on the 15th March. The News says she is a fine boat.

- Mr. James H. BELL, of Brazoria, and Mr. J. C. M'GONIGAL, of Matagorda, are candidates for District Attorney in that district. Mr. M'G. is the present officer.

- There are two religious papers in Texas - the Banner (Methodist) at

Houston; the Presbyterian (Cumberland Presbyterian) at Huntsville.

- Capt. William T. SMITH, of El Paso, arrived in Indianola yesterday.

His train will be leaving in a day or two.

- LATER FROM NEW ORLEANS. ARRIVAL OF THE LOUISIANA. Indianola, March 26, 1852. The steamer Louisiana, LAWLESS master, arrived to-day at 10 A.M., bringing us N.O. dates to the 21st. We find but little of interest.

Below we give copious extracts of the latest news.

The steamship Independence was advertised to leave N. Orleans for this Bay on the 20th. The agents of the Louisiana have put freight and passage down 50 per cent. to wit: passage from Indianola to new Orleans $10, freight three bits per barrel.

Late arrivals from California brings no important news.

Passengers.- Mr. THAYER, lady and 3 children, Mrs. GARDNER and servant, MOSENSTARD and lady, PAULY and lady, Miss HUGHES, BOATRIGHT and lady and children, J. BUCHANAN, Cappy MITCHELL, G. F. ROGERS, YORK, MYERS, MARRI, WALLY, CUSTIN, PATTE, M'GARTH, WOODMAN, HUDSON, MERRIWEATHER, J. EXSIRN. - 24 on deck, 26 horses.

- DEATH OF THE LAST SURVIVOR OF THE BOSTON TEA PARTY.- David KENNISON, who had fought in many of the battles of the Revolution, and is supposed to be the last survivor of the Boston Tea Party, died at the residence of Mr. William MACK, Chicago, Feb. 24, aged 117.

- Married. In Matagorda, March 18th, 1852, by the Rev. Wm. FLOWER, Mr. George McDuffie REID, attorney at law, Clinton, Texas, to Miss Calista W. RICE, of Matagorda.

With the above we received a goodly slice of very delicious cake, for which our thanks are due. Our friend REID has had as many ups and downs as any man of his age;-hence our hearty congratulations on is present good fortune.

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