Champaign County Herald
Champaign County Herald
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Description: Local and other news.

Date: December 15 1886

Newspaper published in: Urbana, Illinois

Source: Champaign Co. IL Genealogical Society Quarterly Volume 27 Issue 4

- Christmas issue with a number of stories and ads.


- C. J. Nelson has been on the sick list for the past 10 days as the result of a bad cold.

- Miss Lydia Putnam, of Columbus. OH, visited her niece, Mrs. C. H. Lilly for several days.

- Howard Walton returned from his Kansas home to spend the winter with his parents. Mrs. Walton who has been seriously ill for sometime past is improving slowly.

- Girard Osgood has opened a first class barber shop in town.

- Chas. Deakin, of the Champaign Business College, Sundayed with his parents.

- Bogardus & Lilly expect to prospect in Nebraska about the first of January, and if a suitable opening is found will probably locate there in the early spring. All persons knowing themselves indebted to the firm will please call and settle before the opening of the new year.


- Mrs. Perry White's fractured arm is doing nicely.

- Davis E. Cusack has been put on the Enterprise staff for the past few days.

- The little daughter of Ned Barnes is seriously ill; also Mrs. Walter's little daughter is very sick.

- Frank Custer, who has been quite sick for the past two weeks, is recovering. Frank had a hard pull of it but is out of danger.


- John Bolinger of Jamestown D. T. is here visiting his sister, Mrs. B. D. Abbott.

- Samuel Kennedy will go to Ohio soon with the intention of making that state his future home.

- T. M. Cummings left yesterday for Birmingham, Ala., where he will work at his trade.

- The new water tank is completed. It is an immense concern, having a capacity of over 750 barrels.


- D. L. Ball and son, Arthur came home from Whiting, Kansas.

- Jno Warren, a former resident of this place but now of Decatur was in town.


- Mr. Foreman is slowly improving under the care of Dr. Kirkpatrick.

- Mr. Bear has a very sore ankle resulting from a wound received during the war.


- One of W. Tanner's horses is dangerously sick with lung fever.

- Mrs. Lucy Swearingen has been dangerously ill but is some better at present.

- Mrs. Graves, of Ladoga, Ind., visited her sister, Mrs. Matilda Elrod.

- Mrs. Laura Scott and child, of Memphis, Tenn., are visiting her uncle J. T. Barricklow and other relatives.

- Frank Sims of St. Joseph is erecting a blacksmith shop which is badly needed.


- Mrs. Miller, nee Miss Bloxom, is reported dangerously ill with lung fever, at her home in Danville.

- The Sidney By-Way, a new paper, has come in our midst to note events and help our business men in advertising their business, whether temporary or like its predecessors, just for a spell, we know not, but wish them welcome and prosperous.


- Milton Watson has rented the farm lately occupied by John McGowan.

- Mrs. Joseph Yount is lying dangerously sick with consumption, her friends having lost all hope of her recovery.

- Peter Thompson returned from a two week visit in Adams county, O.

- Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Allison celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary... they have been blessed with five daughters: Mrs. Wm. Miller, the eldest, lives two miles northeast of Fisher; Miss Lois, next, lives at home; Miss Ella is one of the successful school teachers of Champaign Co. in the Hazen district.; Misses Carry and Myrtle are next in age. Presents (listed) were given by Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Hariess; Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Hazen, Mr. and Mr. J. Green, Jr. and Mrs. J. Whallen, Jr. and Mrs. Geo. Lamm, Mr. and Mrs. Austin Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. M. I. Teach, Mrs. F. B. Vennum, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Hedrick, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Marsh, Mr. and Mrs. O. Strider, Mr. and Mrs. T. Covert, Mr. and Mrs. G. Burgess, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Lamb; Mr. and Mrs. A.

B. Morris; Mr. and Mrs. Jno. Hirshew, Mr. J. H. Steele; Ira Guy and Pearl Teach.


- D. W. Stamey and family who went to Calif. are highly pleased with the country and Mrs. Stamey's health is thought to be some better. Mr. Stamey has bought a house and lot in Los



- Mrs. Feeley is very poorly.

- David Payton and Etta Lewis were married at the residence of the bride's parents near Georgetown, Vermilion count last Thursday. They will live here with his parents.


- Wm. Cornell, jr, departed for Ft. Dodge, Iowa, last week, leaving many anxious friends.

- Rev. Talbott and bride arrived Saturday noon and were given a reception by Mrs. S. H. Pollock..They will occupy the parsonage at Houstonville.


- Mr. Walker Falls, of Tuscola, and Miss Josie Morris, of Hayes, were married at the resident of the bride's parents.


- Mr. Davidson is improving very slowly.

- Harry Trenary has come back from Missouri by order of the superintendent of IB&W.


- Miss Nora Roberts of "Chicago is the guest of her parents in Rantoul.

- Mrs. John Perring is enjoying a visit with her parents at Texarkana, Ark.

- Mrs. Julia A. Stewart will leave for Eldorado, Kan., where she will spend the winter with her son. Mr. S. D. Kinnear and family will probably occupy her property here during her absence. Mrs. Stewart is a sister of Hon. D. W. Vorhees.

- Married in Rantoul, Dec 7, 1886, by Rev. J. L. Fonds, Mr. Alfred M. Rigdon and Miss Mattie Kinnear, both of Harwood township. The young couple will live on the A. .A. Funk farm.

St. Joseph

- Married at Georgetown, Ill., Dec 9th, David Payton to Miss Ethie Lewis.

- Miss Eva Robinson of Brimfield, Ill., is visiting her brother, A. J. Robinson.

- Wm. Argo who has been absent from here several years, residing in Iowa, has returned to spend the winter with us.

- H. E. Wyninger has received information from his attorney, H. M. Russell, that his claim for pension has been allowed.

Topic of the Times

- Not for 30 years has there been so heavy a snow fall in Virginia as that of last Sunday and Monday.

-Dr. G. N. Keider of Springfield, reports a case of lump-jaw in a human being, the first ever known in the United States.

- A mosquito bites a person who has yellow or malarial fever, it carries upon its proboscis enough poisonous matter to infect the next person it stings.

- Five thousand men are already congregated in the new South Australian gold fields.

- William McCase was arrested Tuesday night of last week, at Indianapolis for murder committed at Lincoln, Ill. The prisoner claims to know nothing of the matter.

- Mrs. McCann, of Tacoma, W.T. is well thought of there because she has recently given birth to a baby weighing twenty-two pounds.

- Thomas Morrison went to the township school at Henderson, Mich., Tuesday morning, intent upon assaulting Fred Joslyn, the teacher, for severely punishing Morrison's son. The teacher drew a revolver and shot Morrison dead.

- At. Mill Creek (Ind.) Crossing Tuesday afternoon, Reuben Hill and his three sons aged 14, 16, and 18, were killed by a train. Hill's little daughter escaped with a broken leg and the horses are uninjured, but a dog which was tied under the wagon was cut in halves.

- Near Minneapolis, Dec. 7th, a large eagle, measuring nearly ten feet from tip to tip, attacked two surveyors, Prof. W. F. Carr and Samuel Chute, severely wounding the former and making a desperate effort to bear him away. Time aid arrived and the bird was captured. His talons are over four inches in length.

- An infant four days old and weighing only one pound and a half is at present the attraction at Galena. This child is perfectly formed and in apparent good health.

- A stranger giving his name as Cyrus E. Glass, was arrested at Morrison, for a novel swindle - that of bounty on wolf scalps. Whiteside county pays $5 for every wolf killed in the county. Glass was having scalps shipped to him. He pleaded guilty and was lodge in jail.

- While E. C. Reese was examining a gun in his store at Decatur, Ill., Wednesday evening, the weapon which was not supposed to be loaded, was accidentally discharged, instantly killing Peter Lindsay, aged 20.

-William McCaw, alias McCoy, arrested at Indianapolis for killing an operator at Marshall Junction, Ill., last September, has been identified as the man who murdered Austin N. Foulke at Indianapolis in 1867. The accused has a wife and three children at Lincoln, Ill.

- Sunday evening, Dec. 5, Alderman W. W. Stead of Popular Bluff, Mo., expired and the family decided to bury him Wednesday. Tuesday signs of life were observed, the face of supposed corpse assuming a natural color, while lips twitched and the temperature became high. The funeral has been postponed.

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- D. C. Brown and wife of Indianapolis are visiting relatives in this city.

- Mrs. Bulla of Monticello spent Sunday with her daughter, Mrs. C. M. Russell.

- J. J. Slater, of Orizaba, has gone to Tillsdale, IN to reside.

- Mrs. J. H. Brownlee and daughters go to Graysville today to spend Christmas with Mrs. Brownlee's parents.

- T. A. Lewis left for Los Angeles, Calif. He will be absent until April.

- R. W. Smith, who has been in Weldon for some time, has sold out and removed his family to this city. He has a position in the store of his brother, I. B. Smith.

- Dr. Lewin has removed his office to this city and may be consulted for a short time, free. He is a skilled optician.

- B. Z. Taylor, Hon. W. C. Johns, Mrs. F. C. Sedgwick, Dr. and Mrs. H. C. Johns, of Decatur, Mr. and Mrs. Granger Farwell, Mrs. Frank Williams, of Chicago, and Mrs. E. W. Holloway, of St. Paul, are in the city to attend the reception at the residence of Mrs. W. H. Smith, this evening.

- Saturday was the birthday of Andrew Lewis and Nathan Russell, two of the oldest and most respected citizens of Urbana. Mr. Lewis was 86 and Mr. Russell, 83. There were both on the street receiving the congratulations of their friends and seemed as active and lively as many persons of fifty years of age.

- The marriage of Edward Herndon Smith and Miss Clara Mae Moore will take place today at high noon at the Presbyterian church in Champaign. Mr. W. H. Smith, jr., brother of the groom, is best man. The ushers are R. N. Pearson, Chicago, James Hatfield and Robert Oglesby, Decatur, F. D. Levering, Champaign, and George Busey, Urbana. The reception will take place this evening at the residence of Mrs. W. H. Smith, mother of the groom.

- On Dec. 8th there occurred the marriage of Mr. Edson Grimes, and Miss Lillian Lane, at the residence of Mr. Julius Buell, Rev. E. C. Sage, officiating. The groom is one of Urbana's most respected citizens, and the bride has been until very recently one of the most successful teachers in the schools of Marrietta, Ohio.

- From the recent severe snow storms and cold weather in Texas and elsewhere in the south, it seems that in comparison with the magnificent weather in the north, the climates have changed.

Several years ago, A. Snedaker sold his foundry here and remove to Cartersville, Barto county, Georgia to escape the severe winters. He writes us on the 9th ist., as follows: "If you could just happen down here today, you would not think you was in the sweet sunny south, but in Illinois, or some other northern state. We have two feet and two inches of snow on the level. Yes sir, and the thermometer down to ten degrees above. I tell you it is cold and it has been getting colder here every winter since we came. This weather causes much suffering, as the houses are not constructed for cold weather. We were very much deceived in the climate of northern Georgia, as we have found it to be just as cold as in Illinois, only not so much snow.,

- Thursday night was the 20th anniversary of the marriage of Gilbert Taylor....

- Invitations are out for the marriage of O. M. Phenicle and Miss Dora E. Peters, of St. Joseph township, Wednesday evening, the 29. A reception will be given by Mr. And Mrs. J. B. Phenicle, Thursday, the 30th. Also for the marriage of E. S. Bibler and Miss Ellen Mote, of Stanton township, which will take place Sunday December 26th at the Friends church at 6:30. A reception will be at 7:30 at the home of the bride's mother. Monday evening, Mr. And Mrs. Jas. Bibler will give a reception to their son and his bride at their home.

- At the regular meeting of Urbana Chapter No. 80 Royal Arch Masons, the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: S. S. Small, high priest; James Thorpe, king; J. J. McClain, scribe; E. W. Julian, C. H.; S. B. Radebaugh, P.S.; J. H. Finfrock, R.A. C.; A. S. Boyd, Master 3rd V.; W. H. Guyer, M. Of 2nd V.; P. E. Burke, M. Of 1st V.; W. G. Brown, Sec.; M. W. Busey, treas.; Wm. Carrier, Tyler.

-Joseph Oldham has sold his interest in the firm of Oldham & Colvin to his partner. T. J. Colvin will continue the business at the old stand and will keep the high reputation the firm has built. Mr. Oldham will remain in this city and will probably engage in other business.

- A large number of young people each evening enjoy the magnificent skating on the lake.

- A toboggan slide is being constructed on the knoll and will furnish grand sport.

- Invitations are out for the wedding of Miss Bertha Bing and Solomon Cohen, both of this city, and Miss Hannah Bing, of this city, and Nathan Gross, of Cincinnati, which will take place on the evening of the 20th inst.

- Mrs. Wm. Carman, of Rochester, New York, nee Grace Cushman, visited the schools in this city, Monday. She was formerly a teacher in the same for several years.

- Mrs. Carrie Wiley of Plymouth, Ills., is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Marks.

- L. L. Johnson and wife are visiting with Mrs. Johnson's parents in Liverpool.

University News

- C. H. Nance is attending the Gem City business college at Quincy.

- Chitty has left Harvard; forced to discontinue his studies on account of weak eyes.

- Chapman fell from the museum window and injured himself quite severely. He has gone home.

- Tieken was called home, Monday, by a telegram announcing the serious illness of his mother.

Marriage Licenses

#3109 Alfred Ridgon, Rantoul, age 28, and Martha Kinnear, Rantoul, age 32

#3110 Chas. Boyce, Kerr, age 22, and Callie Clawson, Kerr, age 18.

#3111 Edson B. Grimes, Urbana, - and Lillian J. Lane, Homer.

#3112 Edward H. Smith, Chicago, 27, and Clara Mae Moore, Champaign, 21.

County Court

- William May McDonald was appointed administratrix of the estate of John McDonald dec'd.

- A petition was allowed for a private sale of the personal property of Michael S. Sill, dec'd.

- The will of Mrs. Henrietta Weber, dec'd., was proven and admitted to probate. Mrs. Emma Miller, a sister of the dec'd., was appointed executrix.

- F. G. Seymour filed his account current as conservator of Jemmia Dale, which was approved.

Jane McGuire filed her inventory as admistratrix of the estate of Wm. McGuire, dec'd. Peter Kane, Thomas Boyle, and Michael Kane were appointed appraisers.

- William S. Maxwell was appointed administrator of Thomas Todd, dec'd.

- Report of the First National Bank.


- Street commissioner Sell has put down a new wide brick sidewalk in front, from the west side of Cohen's block to Busey's bank.

- James W. Boyd, an engineer on the big four road, at Indianapolis, came over for a week and spent several days with his father, Samuel Boyd, living in the grove, near this city.

- The house of Robert Elder, south of Urbana, caught fire from a chimney and was seriously damaged.

- The King of Caterers Capt. John H. Benford continues to feed the hungry on the fat of the land. There is no place in the county that you can get a better meal for the money.


- Prayer is the key of the morning and the bolt of the night.

- The gospel is neither an exploded force nor a useless agency. It is in the world and in it to stay. It comes to bless the individuals and to gladden society. It carries where-ever it goes, the richest and choicest benefits. ...

- Report on Busey's Bank.

Running Stitches

- Pat Lynch has been appointed Roadmaster, of the Peoria division of the IB&W in place of R. Baker resigned.

- J. A. Moore, an engineer of the Wabash, residing in Chicago, formerly of this city, has been confined to his house for eleven weeks past with typhoid fever and will not be able to be out for several weeks yet.

- Indications are that the project of building a road to be known as the Indianapolis, Eel River & Western Road, has fallen through

-General Manager McDonald of the C.V.&C. is collecting the best men in the country to assist in conducting the affairs of that road. J. Calwell has left and assumed the position of Superintendent, J. L. Hull that of train dispatcher, R. Baker road master of the IB&W, accepted the position of general road master of the C.V&C. Conductors Ed Gilbert and E. Moore, have accepted positions on the same road.

Champaign Locals

- Frank Hennig, of Bement, spent Sunday with his father, Prof. Hennig.

- Mrs. J. H. Miller, of Sandwich, is visiting her father, Postmaster McAllister this week.

- Dr. I. Hall, of Savoy, is preparing to remove to this city, where he will reside, and practice medicine.

- Col. C. M. Sheafe left for Pugent's Sound, where he will take charge of some railroad construction.

- Miss Kate Dodson went to Water Valley, Miss., to spend several weeks with her friend, Miss Kate Pierce.

- Mrs. Mary T. Herdman, nee Victor, of Chicago, is the guest this week of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Rob't. Victor.

- Mr. I. R. Arnold, of this city, recently gained the second prize, offered by a Boston boot and shoe paper with an essay upon "How to conduct a retail boot and shoe store successfully." Mr. Arnold is to be congratulated upon his literary triumph.

- Chas. N. Roberts, of Chicago, a graduate of the University in the class of ‘82, and who has many friends and acquaintances here, goes to Australia the first of the year, to start a branch house there for the lithographing firm, Hinds, Ketcham & Co., of New York.

- Next Friday evening at the Armory, C. D. Hildebrand, the reformed outlaw, will lecture on his 18 years' prison experience.

- Mr. J. B. Harris, of this city, and Miss Sara W. Hahn, of Philadelphia, were married at the bride's home, in Philadelphia. After a short wedding tour Mr. and Mrs. Harris will go to housekeeping on West Park St. His bride resided in Lincoln, Ill., for a number of years.

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