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Champaign County Herald
Champaign County Herald
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Description: A woman has been killed near Columbia, S. C. under the belief that she was a witch. Died, of consumption Dec. 17, Mrs. G. A. Dunn. Other deaths and local news.

Date: December 22 1886

Newspaper published in: Urbana, Illinois

Source: Champaign Co., Ill. Genealogical Society Quarterly Volume 27 Issue 4

Page 1

- Thomas Garner has been appointed postmaster at Paris, Ill.

- Miss Celeste Caldwell is in the city visiting the family of her brother Jack.

- Miss Eta Bowen, of Delphi, Ind., will spend Christmas here with her sister, Mrs. S. T. Busey.

- F. M. Snyder has been confined to his house for a week past on account of heart disease and rheumatic troubles.

- Rev. C. B. Taylor, of Shelbyville, Ill., spent Sunday with relations here, coming particularly to see his sister, Mrs. Libble Starr.

- S. S. Jack has been appointed postmaster at Decatur, Ill. He is an old newspaper man and succeeds a one-armed soldier, Capt. Lytle.

- Mrs. Libbie Starr of Quincy, stopped off here to visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Taylor, on her way home from Chicago.

- George Renner and Sadie Frankling of Tuscola were united in marriage at the Methodist parsonage, Wednesday evening, by the Rev. Robt. McIntyre.

- B. F. Michael has located in Wellington, Kan., and his built him a house.

- Mrs. Nettie Carson, who has been visiting her mother, Mrs. P. Clift, for several months past, leaves today for Eureka, Ill., to join her husband who has gone into the drug business there.

- H. J. Dodson of Montezuma, Kansas, returned a few days since from a three weeks' hunt in Texas, and the Indian Territory. He writes his brother Ed, a graphic account of his trip.

- A woman has been killed near Columbia, S. C. under the belief that she was a witch. The good citizens of Salem, Mass., in memory of the practices of their ancestors, should erect a monument to her memory.

- George Bennett, of Bloomington, formerly of this city, has purchased the interest of W. M. Knowlton in the firm of E. M. & W. M. Knowlton, druggists of this city. The firm will be known as Knowlton & Bennett.

- John F. Miller, who has been engaged in business in Bloomington, for some time past, visited his many friends in this city last week. He left for Wichita, Kan., where he has a good position in the large dry goods store of Larimer & Stinson. He goes west on account of his health, which it is hoped he will entirely regain.

- We are under obligations to Mrs. E. Blackshaw for a copy of the Christmas issue of the Montreal, Canada, Daily Star.

- Issac Downs has sold out and purchased a farm within a short distance of Pendleton, Indiana.

- Article on Miss Clara Mae Moore and Mr. Edward Herdon Smith.

Marriage Licenses

#3113 John J. Dick, Ivesdale age 30 to Mrs. Mary A. Dick, Ivesdale, age 29.

#3114 Chas. Thurston, Condit, age 20, and Alice Havice, Condit, age 24

#3115 Geo. Renner, Tuscola, age 26, and Sadie Franklin, Tuscola, age 18.

#3116 Lincoln Wyman, Tolono, 22, and Lena N. Maurita, Tolono, 20.

#3117 Wm. H. Fisher, Fisher, 22, and Lilly M. Briney, Fisher, 16.

#3118 W. H. Dunseth, Ogden, 26, and Arrilla B. Walson, Compromise, 20.

#3119 John J. Cox, Howard, 30, and Mary H. Bushnell, Howard, 24.


- Born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Clary, of Central City, Dak., a son. Mrs. Clary will be remembered as Miss Vevie Alexander.

- Asbury Shuck has decided to give his entire attention to the business of undertaking.

- Thomas Madison has been engaged to cook for Mr. Fred Krabbe in the back part of his sample room. Fred now runs an oyster depot and restaurant...

County Court

- Mary M. Howard was appointed guardian of Hartwell C. Howard, Jr.

- Anna Irie was appointed guardian of David W. Irie.

- John M. Collison was appointed guardian of Mable Collison.

- S. F. Hovey made a full report as guardian of Charles, Edward, and Allie Bonefield.

- Elizabeth J. Dunlap was appointed guardian of Ella Dunlap, and other minors.

- A. B. Smith filed his inventory as administrator of Lucy Clements, dec'd.

- Calvin Beaty filed his inventory as guardian of Benj. E. Christlieb.

- J. S. Baird filed his inventory as guardian of Edgar G. Baird, a minor.

- J. O. Cunningham filed two accounts current as guardian of Spencer M. And Burt Brown, minors.

- In the estate of Albert Dunlap, dec'd., an order of distribution was entered of record directing H. J. Dunlap to distribute certain funds of the estate.

- A claim of $15.00 was allowed Nancy Towner, against the estate of W. P. Stoner, dec.

Running Stitches

- Pat Lynch, road master of the Peoria division of the IB&W will remove his family to this city this week.

- L. S. Beckwith, who has been conductor on the IB&W for the past four years, has resigned, and accepted a similar position on the CV&C road in Cairo.

- Thursday, passenger Conductor T. S. Fitch of the C&H Line, was standing on the platform of the coach to see if everything was all right under the car, he raised up as the train was passing the coal shaft at Lincoln, and struck his head against a timber making him insensible for awhile, and necessitating the assistance of a surgeon in sewing up the wound. He is getting along all right now.


- Samuel Darsham , of Harwood township, will go to Newark, O, this week for a visit with friends.

- Mrs. Edna Donohue, of Lockport, NY, will visit her parents, Mr. And Mrs. Robert McKee, this week.

- F. G. Levey, formerly of Rantoul, but more recently of Cobden, Ill., now has charge of the Ill. Central station at Buckley, Ill.

- A serious if not fatal accident occurred last Friday morning about 6 ½ miles east of Rantoul, Mr. B. Youmans was driving a spring wagon on his way to Rantoul, when a calf coming on the road frightened the horses causing them to turn around suddenly. Mr. Youmans was thrown from the wagon, and three of his ribs were broken. Dr. J. C. Harmon was called.

Topic of the Times

- Harry Webb, alias Webster Pease, the noted Chicago hotel thief, was released Thursday, from the Joliet penitentiary.

- A natural gas explosion at Kokomo, Ind., Friday, injured 35 persons, twelve of whom are in a serious condition.

- Hugh McCaslin, aged 99, residing near Donnellson, Ill., is suffering from an attack of whooping cough. Ninety-one years ago he was afflicted with the same disease.

- Mr. Stubendick, a business man of Platteville, Wis., who recently visited his former home in Germany, is now doing compulsory military duty in Emperor William's army.

- Four acres in the northwestern section of Shenandoah, PA, settled two to four feet, Friday, partially wrecking fifty dwellings and causing the wildest alarm among the people. The financial loss is between $50K and $75K.

- James Howard, age 35, imprisoned at Texarkana for the brutal treatment of his 14-year old wife, was taken from jail and hanged to a railway trestle. With a red-hot live stock brand Howard had branded the letter "H" in two places on his wife's person.

Page 9


- Mrs. T. J. Franklin left for Larned, Kansas.

- Wm. Osborn has been the guest of his brother Doug, the past week.


- Died, of consumption Dec. 17, Mrs. G. A. Dunn, wife of D. C. Dunn. Mrs. Dunn was a christian women and bore her long and tedious illness with that patient fortitude that only a true disciple of the Master can do. She lived as it were in a garden of delight, surrounded with spiritual beauties unsurpassed save by those which shall break upon the vision in the other world. Mrs. Dunn was 36 years old and left a husband and two bright little children to mourn her loss. Those little ones, though surrounded by many kind friends who will do what they can for them, will miss a mother's heart that soothed the aches and pains. The Rev. J. O. Collins, conducted the funeral services. His sermon from the 6, 7 and 8th verses of the 4th chapter of 2nd Timothy, was one of the best ever preached in Ivesdale. In the death of Mrs. Dunn, this community has lost an exemplary christian, who was ever ready with heart and hand to relieve suffering and pain.


- Mrs. Carroll, from Cornell, Ill., mother of C. H. Carroll, visited the latter part of last week with Chas.

- Died, Last Saturday morning, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Cornelius. Funeral services were held at Mt. Hope Sunday at 2 p.m. Rev. R. E. Fox officiating. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of the entire community.


- G. W. Wiles who was stricken with paralysis some time ago is able to be around, by using a cane.


- Mr. Henry Riemki bought a new cutter made by Chas. Roughton at Parkville.


- Mr. Thomas Giddings returned Saturday from Minn. To spend Christmas with his wife and family.

- Mrs. George Wren moved into town last Thursday. She has rented her farm to Messrs Dan Sheehen & Sons for $3.00 per acre and she lives in the Mrs. Whitman residence.

- Miss Ada Neff is very sick with lung fever. Mr. W. R. Clark was confined to his house nearly all last week. Mrs. Wiggins has been sick. Mrs. Oscar Carson is not expected to live. George Griswold's father, 81 years of age is very sick.


- Mrs E. M. Allison is on the sick list.

- Wm. Fisher and Miss Lilly Briney will be married at the bride's residence half mile south of town on Wednesday of this week. Rev. Stipp, of Henning, Ill., will officiate.


- Miss Florence Morgan returned home from Jacksonville college to spend the holidays.


- Mrs. W. H. Smith was quite sick last week but is now much better.

- E. I. Dunlap will buy and continue the store of his late brother Albert Dunlap.

- Mrs. Ida Burt, of Urbana, visited at her brother's, J. H Dunlap.

- P. B. Brannan left from Montreal, P.Q. to visited and spend Christmas with his aged mother.


- Miss Edna Gilgis of Indianola, is visiting her brother, J. E.

- Miss Emma Auknand, of Danville, is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. E. Gilgis.

- Miss Lizzie Davis has returned from Jacksonville college. Home for the holidays.

- Mr. John Messmore, a grain merchant of St. Louis, visited his relatives, Mr. C. H. VanVleck's.


- Miss Ella Evans, of Bement, is visiting her sister, Mrs. Jones here. Rev. Jones has closed his series of meetings at St. Joseph and reports good success.

- Little Ethel, daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Ned Barnes, lingered in her affliction until last Wednesday morning when the angel boat man came and bore her away from the fond embrace of the bereaved friends to the sunny banks of the ever "green shore," where she will joyfully await their coming at the appointed day. The bereaved parents have the sympathy of all.

Topic of the Times

- Mr. Seibert, a business man and farmer of Decatur, Ill., has eloped with his 17 year old step-daughter, Ella Hays. The girl's lover and Seibert's father-in-law have started in pursuit of the fugitives who are heading north.

- Leonard Warren of East St. Louis, convicted of illegally selling oleomargarine, was found to be suffering from small pox in the jail at Springfield, Ill., Friday, creating great alarm among the other inmates.

Page 12

Champaign Locals

- Mr. Robert Clark, of Chester, Neb., is visiting this week with his uncle, J. G. Clark.

- Mr. Will Morton, of Springfield, spent last Sunday in this city, visiting his sister, Miss Anna Morton.

- Miss Kate Whittier goes to Chicago to spend the rest of the winter there studying vocal music.

- W. A. Heath went to Terre Haute, last week, to attend the funeral of his brother-in-law, Mr. J. E. Steele.

- Miss Bessie Plank goes to Chicago to spend the holidays with her father, Mr. P. W. Plank.

- Mrs. Mary T. Herdman, who has been the guest of her father, Mr. R. Victor, the past week, returns to Chicago today.

- Miss Bessie Scroggs returned from Keneosha, Wis., where she has been attending school and will pass the holidays at her home in this city.

- John Connett returned last week from Kansas where he has been farming the past two years and will visit several months with his father, Mr. M.. Connett in Somers township. He is slowly recovering from the effects of a runaway accident.

- Adjutant H. W. Wilder goes to St. Paul, Minn., next week to take a position with a real estate firm. Henry is one of the most popular young men of this city, and will make hosts of friends wherever he goes.

- Mrs. J. M. Healey received intelligence Friday of the death of her father, Capt. Thomas Hunt, at his home in Tewkesbury, Mass., after a long sickness. Mr. Hunt was in the 92nd year of his age, and up to the past year, retained possession of his faculties remarkably well. He was attended in his last illness by his daughters, Mrs. G. H. Candee and Mrs. J. Bacon of this city.

- Mr. J. E. Steele, who acted as book keeper in the First National Bank of this city for several years, and went from here to Topeka in 1885, died last week in Terre Haute, of consumption. Mr. Steele was brought up in Mattoon, and was for a long time connected with the First National Bank of that city. During his residence here he made many warm friends being both an able and energetic business man and a refined and courteous gentleman admired and respected by all. After a short residence in Topeka, he removed to Sullivan, Ill., hoping to benefit his health, and this fall removed again to Terre Haute, Ind., where he died. He was 31 years of age and leaves a family of a wife and one child.

- The funeral of Mamie Scroggin, a grand-daughter of W. P. Sweet, occurred Sunday morning at his residence on Washington street.

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