Evening Times
Evening Times
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Description: Attorney Page-2

Date: January 5 1901

Newspaper published in: Washington, D. C.

The Evening Times January 5, 1901 Attorney Page-2

An Illinois Attorney Receives an Infernal Machine by Mail.
Apris [Paris?], Ill., Jan. 5. - Thomas J. COFFMAN, an attorney and collection agent residing at Hume, received an infernal machine by mail yesterday. It was a box made of wood with a sliding top and wrapped in heavy manila paper. Tearing off the wrapper he pulled open the lid, to which a stout string was attached, and found himself gazing into a death-dealing instrument, so cunningly devised that its failure to perform its work may be counted little short of miraculous.
The box contained a pound stick of dynamite, into which were stuck a number of match heads with tacks so arranged as to ignite them. The box was mailed at Logansport, Ind. Who sent it is a mystery, as Mr. COFFMAN has no known enemy.

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