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San Benito Advance
San Benito Advance
Contributed by deesar

Description: General Transcription - Weekly Publication

Date: January 1876

January 1, 1876

Born -- at Antelope Springs, Dec. 23rd, to the wife of Frank NYMAN, a son.
Born -- near Hollister, Dec. 28th, to the wife of Jas. NICOL, a son.
Married -- Miss Mary WILLEY, daughter of C.F. WILLEY, Esq., was married Tuesday to A.L. SMITH of Hollister, nephew of F.B. SMITH, Public Administrator. A fine match. The bride is an amiable and accomplished young lady and the groom is as estimable a young man as there is within a days travel. Long life to them.

A.L. SMITH, Wells, Fargo & Co.’s efficient agent of Hollister, entered the connubial state during the week, with Miss Mary WILLEY, an estimable young lady of San Jose.

Judge LOVETT has sufficiently recovered from his recent sickness to resume business. He can now be seen at his office.

Marshal PERRY has covered up the man traps on Fourth St. to which we directed attention last week.

Judge DAVIS is in town greeting his old friends. He looks as young and as lively as ever.

W.H. ATCHISON has qualified during the week by giving approved bonds for the office of deputy sheriff, to which he has been just appointed. ATCHISON is a good, reliable officer.

Francis D. MOULTON has brought suit against Mr. BEECHER for malicious prosecution. The case will be urged to trial at once in the Supreme Court of King’s county. Damages are set at $50,000.

The family of W.D. AKINS arrived this week from Indiana to permanently reside in Hollister. Mr. AKINS is a brother-in-law to Andrew SNYDER and is a valuable addition to the hardware establishment with which Mr. SNYDER is connected.

**Burglary -- The house of Mr. DUNNING, situated about 7 miles north of Hollister, near the CULLEN ranch, was burglarized on Friday, Christmas Eve, by 2 tramps. Mr. DUNNING & family were on a social visit to a neighboring house. About 8 o’clock they were surprised to see a light reflected from their house window, and Mr. DUNNING and Mr. SHADE mounted horses and started for a business interview with the trespassers. On their arrival at the house they noticed 2 strangers deliberately filling 2 sacks with clothing. The sudden appearance of Mr. DUNNING and friend led one of the operators to run off. Three shots from DUNNING’s pistol followed him, but it is supposed that he effected his escape uninjured. The other fellow, more deliberate, shouldered his sack and was about to walk off, when he was told to stop. Not complying with the request, he received 2 or 3 bewildering blows with a pistol on the head and face. He was knocked down, captured and brought to town. On Monday, Judge BROTHERTON committed him to jail to await the action of the grand jury.

January 8, 1876

Born -- at Hollister, Jan. 4th, to the wife of I. LeDUC, a son.

**Shot Dead -- Geo. CASTRO, a Mexican resident of San Juan, a man whose excitable temper and reckless conduct have got him into difficulty on more than one occasion, reports by letter to a friend, that on Friday last, in a dispute about some sheep on AMBROSIA’s ranch in Cantua valley, Fresno county, he shot and killed Pedro RUIS, a sheepherder. He represents to his friend that he shot the man in self defence, RUIS having fired and wounded him in the arm. He gave a return shot, which entered the head of his antagonist with fatal effect. This CASTRO is the man that some 3 months since was arrested and sentenced at Gilroy for assault with a deadly intent upon a woman. A few days since, in a fracas at San Juan, he received a stab in the arm. He is known as a desperate character.

**The Death of CHAVES --
*Letter From Luis RAGGIO, of Fort Yuma, with authentic particulars of the killing of the outlaw --
The facts connected with the death of Cleovara CHAVES, the notorious lieutenant of the VASQUEZ band, have been in mystery up to date. It has been rumored here, and generally believed, that the sons of Louis RAGGIO, of San Juan, were instrumental in putting an end to the lawless career of the bandit, but in what way they were concerned in his death, has not been definitely known. The following letter is from Luis RAGGIO, Jr., who is now at Fort Yuma, unable to leave for want of means. The doubts entertained as to the killing of the veritable CHAVES are dispelled by the letter and by information given us by Mr. B.F. ROSS, the Sheriff of this County. Mr. ROSS has been well acquainted with CHAVES and the young RAGGIOs for years past. He knew them as boys and schoolmates at San Juan, their birthplace. The letter comes to us direct from Luis RAGGIO, Sr., with authority to publish it.

“Fort Yuma, Dec. 23rd, 1875;
To Luis RAGGIO, San Juan, San Benito County, California.

Dear Father,

I have received news from you through the postmaster of Yuma. You seem to be very uneasy about me; but I & my brother & my companion are all well, thank the Lord. You request me to come home as soon as I can, but I have no money to pay the passage. As you want the whole particulars of the killing of CHAVEZ, I will give them to you the best I can. On the first of October I commenced to work for King WOOLSEY of the Hila river, taking care of stock. One day, while riding in the river, I met CHAVEZ all alone, and after some talking I asked him where he was staying. He told me he was camped on the river near Castal Don mines. I bid him good bye and told him that I would come and see him some day. On my return to the ranch I told the 2 men working with me about it and they agreed to go with me and capture him. So on the 25th of November, we started and got down close to where he was, and we camped. I then went forward to his camp to see how things were, so that we might arrange to take him in the morning without much danger. Next morning we rode over and I told my men to ride ahead and go to the house and wait for me. But as soon as they saw CHAVEZ they told him to surrender and he ran, and my partner shot him in the back and he fell dead. I then got a wagon and brought him to Yuma, and the matter rests here. I have sent my papers to the Governor, and we expect to get our reward, but it will take some time. In the meantime we are here, having nothing to do, and under heavy expense, and it will take us about $300 to get away. If you can secure the amount so that I can get it here you can send a telegram to me and as soon as we get the reward we will pay you.

Receive the blessing of your most devoted son,

Louis RAGGIO, Jr.”

The RAGGIO family is one of respectability. They are peaceable law abiding people and are esteemed by all their acquaintances. RAGGIO & Sons have for years been engaged in the butcher business at San Juan and Hollister. They are known as courageous men, and they entertain no fear of the consequences of their serviceable act in ridding the State of a bloodthirsty desperado. They merit the State reward and as soon as the proofs and requisitions are submitted and found satisfactory to warrant its payment, we presume they will receive it.

***Gilroy Correspondence --
Council met on Monday with a full board. The bill of Wm. HANNA was allowed, paid. J.P. MARTIN was appointed police judge, good! GARDNER, REA, & MOREY were appointed a committee on revision of city ordinances and licenses. RHIEL, MOREY & STUEBEN, appointed as committee on plans and specifications for a building for city clerk and marshal on jail lot, building not to exceed 20x24 feet. Bill for G.M. MASON, for city attorney, was referred but not recognized.

Married -- Bridget KEARNEY to Henry ERBERT.
Married -- Estelle TUTTLE to J.C. MARTIN, of the ‘Advocate’ and ‘Leader’

D. ROGERS and Mr. CUSHING, when crossing the Canadero at FISHER’s, had their buggy capsized by the stream. By a miracle neither of the gentlemen were lost. They sustained a few bruises and a thorough wetting. The horse & buggy were carried down the stream and were finally rescued by parties on the bank. Neither the horse or buggy were improved by it.

Vigilant Engine Co. elected the following officers:
Foreman, Alex. HAY
1st Assistant, H.W. BURROWS
2nd Assistant, A. ROBINSON
Sec., H.W. BRIGGS, re-elected
Treas., M.E. HUNTER, re-elected

Tom HARNEY, Dan SULLIVAN, John KIERNAN, Robert DONNELLY; 4 splendid specimens of the unfledged hoodlums were arraigned before police Judge MARTIN for burglariously entering MORRILL’s saloon. They were held to answer before the grand jury.

**Fire at Hollister -- The S.P.R.R. Depot Burned Down --
About 10 o’clock on Wednesday night the alarm of fire was given and in a few minutes clouds of dense black smoke were seen rising up and spreading out over the site of the depot buildings. A general run of citizens from every street ensued, all hurriedly directing their steps towards the scene of the fire. The newly organized fire companies turned out in force and rivaled each other in active exertions to be first on the ground. The railway warehouse and office were found enveloped in smoke and the impression is that the fire had been burning at the base and in the interior of the building for some considerable time before it was discovered. As soon as the condition of the building was observed it became evident that it was doomed to destruction. In the entire absence of hose and with a limited amount of water in the vicinity, there was no prospect of saving it or its contents and the efforts of the firemen were directed to the saving of other property…Detachments of men under the direction of the officers of the fire companies, were stationed to watch and protect all buildings within a range of several hundred feet and a lively use of water buckets was made upon the roof of WENTWORTH’s warehouse, the nearest structure to the depot. Through the labors of the firemen no other property was damaged. The losses sustained by the railroad Co. and shippers is estimated as follows:
The company buildings, $7500
64 bales of wool, the property of Horace WILSON, of Old Gilroy; $3500
Furniture & family stores of G.R. SMITH, of Commercial Hotel; $1000
Furniture of Sam MOORE; $250
Baggage, consisting of clothes, etc, belonging to Clarence HYDE, of Visalia; $350
All the clothing & treasure of Mr. RUST, the baggage master and miscellaneous goods belonging to sundry parties, making a total aggregate loss of about $14,000

Various theories are entertained about the cause of the disaster, but nothing definite is known…

**House Breaker -- S.L. RISDON was brought before Judge BROTHERTON’s Court on Wednesday, charged with burglariously entering and taking possession of the house and effects of Chas. SAIRS. Mr. SAIRS, for the past week or 2, has been absent from home mining, and his wife is away on a visit to friends. The house was fastened up and left without an occupant, presenting to RISDON a desirable prospect of cheap lodgings. He procured a suitable key and for several days and nights made himself free to the use of the house and its contents. He had distributed sundry articles among the saloons and variety stores, and had disposed of clothing valued at $90. SAIRS arrived home wet & weary on Monday night, having walked from Lone Tree district through the rain. Wanting a change of clothing, he discovered that his extra coat, pants, and hat were missing. After retiring to bed, he heard someone unlock the front door and stumble into the front room. In a few minutes there was music in the air arising from the snoring of the sleeper. During the night Charlie surveyed the features of his lodger and resolved to interview him bright and early. In the morning a lively discussion was opened between them when RISDON acknowledged his indiscretions and put SAIRS on the track of some of his missing property. Anticipating arrest, RISDON tramped to Gilroy, where Deputy Sheriff HINMAN took him in charge and transferred him to the care of our officers. He plead guilty to the charge of petit larceny and the judge sentenced him to jail for 15 days.

Mr. LEWIS has sold out his butcher business to Mr. MEREER, a gentleman worthy of liberal patronage. Mr. ROBINSON will continue to do the honors at the block. A cash business only solicited.

Numbers of men without any means of support are constantly applying to Marshal PERRY for food and lodging. PERRY is a generous man and spends nearly all his surplus cash on these traveling paupers. We need a benevolent society or a poor fund established for their benefit.

**Boy Vagrants -- Robt. DONNELLY, Tom McGEE, Milo RYAN and John WILLIAMS, 4 young hoodlums from San Jose arrived in this city on Friday or Saturday of last week and informed the Marshal that they had no means of support or place to sleep. He gave them beds in the jail 1 or 2 nights and supplied them with several meals at his own expense. They have also received assistance from other charitably disposed citizens. These boys are from 10 to 14 years old. We learn that their parents are living in San Jose and San Francisco. Wherever they live, they ought to be ashamed of the vagrant condition of their sons and adopt means to give them some industrious employment or they will soon become moral wrecks and follow a life of crime.

**New Patents --
J. LEE, San Francisco; spittoon mat
W. PADDON, S.F.; mash attemperators
J.B. BAUX, Oakland; gaging liquors
F.I. SHAFER, S.F.; hanging or portable fountains
H.A. MOORE, S.F.; trademark for hair producer
J.G. STEEL, S.F.; poison & poisonous compositions for the destruction of squirrels

January 15, 1876

Born -- in Hollister, Jan. 8th, to the wife of Franklin D. SHERMAN, a daughter.
Died -- in Hollister, Jan. 8th, Emma, daughter of John & Martha REED, of Santa Ana, aged 7 mos. & 20 days.

**The San Justo Rancho --
We publish today a list of the deeds filed the past week for record in the County Clerk’s office by the stockholders of the San Justo Association, W.W. HOLLISTER, the grantor of the lands, having received the final payment and made deeds of conveyance to each individual interested. The San Justo rancho embraces 4 leagues, more or less, within certain stated boundaries, particularly described in the original Mexican grant to CASTRO, from whom it was transferred to PACHECO. Senor PACHECO sold the ranch to FLINT & HOLLISTER for $20,000, an amount of money considered equal to the value of the land at the time. The ranch was subsequently divided Benjamin FLINT paying Col. HOLLISTER a bonus of $10,000 for his choice. The Colonel expended considerable money in the construction of 7 or 8 miles of fencing, erected a mansion, and for several years devoted his attention to sheep-raising upon his 20,772 acres. The San Justo Homestead Association was organized Oct. 10th, 1868, with a capital stock of $370,000. The stock consisted of 50 shares at $7400 each. The lands were equitably partitioned off into 50 lots…A tract of 100 acres for a town site and outside hill lands, were reserved for sale, to accrue to the profit of the association. The sum of $100,000 was paid to Col. HOLLISTER at the date of purchase and it was arranged that the balance, $270,000, should be paid on or before the expiration of 7 years, to bear interest at the rate of 10% until paid…The town corporation of Hollister now extends over 400 acres and the whole property of the San Justo Association is probably worth today, at a moderate estimate, very little less than $2,000,000.

**Hollister College -- Prof. Alexander JOHNSON, of Santa Rosa, intends building a college in Hollister…Elder JOHNSON is an extremely energetic man and draws to a speedy conclusion any work he may have in hand…

**Real Estate Sales --
-T.S. HAWKINS to H.M. HAYES, on Monterey St.; $400

-Mary L. LYON to J.W. HARDWICK, lot & house on Sixth St.; $50

-BALDWIN & RHINEHART to John EARDLEY, 4 lots on 3rd St.; $800

-Zenas & Marion CHURCHILL to Peter CONRAD, 160ac 3 mi. east of Hollister; $4300

-George CLINE to W.J. WEBBER, 1 lot in HODGES addition; $400

-W.N. FURLONG to J.D. CULP, 34ac VAN GANDY ranch, San Felipe; $4500

-J.D. CULP to J.H. DUNCAN, 34ac; $8000

-Luis & Clemente ARQUES to Louis SCHERER, 3 lots in Hollister; $500

-San Justo Homestead Assoc [S.J.H.A.] to J.M. GREGORY, lot in Hollister; $100

-W.B. DURTH to J.H. SMITH, 160ac about 12 mi. SE of KILE & CLARK’s store; $3000

-T.S. HAWKINS to C.D. FOWLER, on Powell St.; $200

-S.J.H.A. to C.D. FOWLER, 8 lots in Hollister, $360

-Josiah & John EVANS to C. STRAUBE, homestead lot 30 north of Fourth St.; $13,000

-S.J.H.A. to T.L. BALDWIN, 3 lots; $300

-S.J.H.A. to H.M. HAYES, 2 lots; $200

-W.W. HOLLISTER to Josiah & John EVANS, 347ac; $5000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to Harvey MOORE, 86ac; $3000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to David YOUNG, 172ac; $5000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to Timothy DOOLING, 86ac; $3000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to T.M. LADD, executer of the estate of G. WEAVER, lot 42, 278ac; $5000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to E. HARRISON, 179ac; $5000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to John WRIGHT, 100ac; $10,000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to J.M. RANGE, 86ac; $3000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to R.J. BAKER; 172ac; $5000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to J.M. JONES, 86ac; $3000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to John SILVA, 172ac; $5000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to R.F. EVANS, 86ac; $3000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to I.M. LEWIS, 1272ac; $4000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to M. TYNAN, 172ac; $5000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to V__ NASH, 112ac; $5000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to Hiram WAGNER, 266ac; $1500

-W.W. HOLLISTER to Joseph FURTADO, 232ac; $3000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to G.S. NASH, 405ac; $3000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to J. ROSS, 86ac; $3000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to A.M. HARDIN, 86ac; $3000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to G. FLEMING, 86ac; $3000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to Joel F. HAWKINS, 264ac; $5000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to Jas. I. HODGES, 148ac; $5000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to Patrick FLYNN, 171ac; $5000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to Laurence FLYNN, 172ac; $5000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to Daniel McCRAY, 72ac; $3000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to Morris DOOLING, 86ac; $3000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to James McCLOSKEY, 344ac; $10,000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to Augustus BREWSTER, 252ac; $1600

-W.W. HOLLISTER to T.S. HAWKINS, 798ac; $20,000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to W. KELLY, 172ac; $5000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to P.L. NASH, 172ac; $5000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to Thos. MALONEY, 217ac; $5000

-W.W. HOLLISTER to J.W. HAWKINS, 172ac; $5000

-L.B. AUSTIN to Chas TUNEY, house & lot on West St.; $1100

-James I. HODGES to W.C. LAND, 47ac; $7401

-James I. HODGES to R.F. EVANS, 2 ½ lots, HODGES’ Additon; $450

-James I. HODGES to R.M. SHACKLEFORD, lot N of Fourth St.; $1000

-James I. HODGES to Thomas YOST, 2ac in HODGES’ Addition; $800

-James I. HODGES to J.G. HAMILTON, on West St.; $500

-James I. HODGES to Josiah EVANS, lot in HODGES’ Addition; $250

-James I. HODGES to T.L. BALDWIN, 3 lots in HODGES’ Addition; $1200
[full descriptions, p. 2]

***Gilroy Correspondence --
Eureka Hook & Ladder Co. elected: Foreman, Billy KIDDEY; 1st Ass’t, Jacob HANNA; 2nd Ass’t, Chas. BREWER; Sec., Vic BASSIGNANO; Treas., Jacob KORRELL; Standing committee: A. WARTHEN, V. HOSLINGER & M. MOUNT.

Neptune Hose Co. elected: Foreman, J.M. KNIGHT; Ass’t, F. VETTERLINE; Sec, F.A. BACHER; Treas, A.C. WEBB; Standing committee: T.D. SATTERWHITE, J. SCHIEDT, H.C. PRATT.

Born -- to the wife of W.A. RENIE, a son.
Died -- infant daughter of Mr.&Mrs. Chas. DRENHAM.

Police court --
-W. WELCH, drunk, fined $6; jailed

-W.R. GIFT, battery on M.T. HOLDSCLAW, fined $21; paid

Organized -- The members of the Agricultural Society met at San Benito Hall, last Saturday afternoon and elected the following Board of Directors -- S. DUNCA, R.M. SHACKLEFORD, Wm. EASTMAN, L.B. EDWARDS & H. FALKINBURG.

A branch of the WATERS family leave for Lompoc next week.

Mr. AKINS, lately from Indiana, is opening a new furniture store in the building lately vacated by G.B. MONTGOMERY.

Horse Thief -- Squire WINN’s horse, saddle & bridle, all valued at about $100, were stolen from the front of WENTWORTH & OSBORN’s store on Wednesday evening. At the same time, a saddle was taken from Frank WARE’s horse, which happened to be hitched near WINN’s.

Judge BAGGS sends us a letter from Wyoming, where he appears to be booked for the winter, and judging from his business outlook we suspect he will remain there permanently. His pecuniary prospects and duties compel him to make no movements in this direction before Spring, when he expects to return, rich in beef and coin, to greet his old friends.

Public School -- The Hollister Public School will re-open the first Monday in February with a new principal and assistant teacher. Mr. J.N. THOMPSON has been engaged to succeed Professor MORRIS and Robert NEAL will take the place of Mr. ANDERSON.

A gravel pathway now extends the whole length of Seventh St. on the south side extending from San Benito to West. We understand that Mr. Henderson BROWN had the work done at his own expense. His enterprise is commendable and we hope the example will be followed by others. SHINER says he has lost 2 or 3 regular customers and among them even the postmaster has given him the cold shoulder since the mud received BROWN’s layer of gravel.

Mound Lodge, No. 166 -- The lodge of the IOOF at Hollister installed:
Myron MALCOM, Warden
J.A. OWENS, Conductor

The San Juan stage, on Friday last week, while en route to Sargent’s Station, was swamped in the San Benito river. The passengers were immersed for a few seconds, the mail bag was washed away and 1 horse drowned. Estimated loss to Mr. REGAN, the stage man -- $200. The San Benito should be bridged at that point and the road put into good condition.

January 22, 1876

Born -- at Hollister, Jan. 20th, to the wife of P. MONTAGUE, a daughter.
Born -- near Hollister, Jan. 18th, to the wife of R. RUCKLIDGE, a son.
Died -- at Hollister, Jan. 19th, J.H. FISHBURN, aged 32 years. The remains were conveyed to Petaluma for burial.

**Registry of Births, Marriages & Deaths --
The law of this State requires all persons who perform the marriage ceremony and all physicians & professional midwives assisting at childbirths, to keep a registry of particulars.

The time of the marriage, the residence, the names in full, the place of birth, the age & condition of each party, and whether either party has ever before been married; if so, to whom, and whether the person with whom such marriage was contracted, is living or dead.

The time of each birth, the sex, race & color of the child and the names & residence of the parts.

Physicians who have attended deceased persons in their last sickness, clergymen who have officiated at funerals, coroners who hold inquests, and sextons who have buried deceased persons, must each keep a registry of the name, age residence and time of death of such person.

All persons registering births or deaths must quarterly file with the County Recorder a certified copy of their register. If at any birth no physician or midwife attends, the parents must make a report.

All persons on whom this duty is imposed, who fails, neglects or refuses to perform the same as required, is liable to a penalty of $50, to be recovered by the District Attorney…

The above paragraphs contain the substance of the law relating to this important duty…judging from the remarks of some of our professional men, we seriously believe that not one half of the accouchements have even been recorded in their business books. We cannot reach any other conclusion as they are evidently unable to produce lists for publication. The District Attorney should give this matter his serious attention.

**News from San Juan --
The new Plaza stable is the finest & largest in the county. ZANETTI does nothing half way. His capacity for keeping a hotel and for accomplishing every improvement with good judgment and taste is acknowledged by everybody.

Pedro MARENTES has just finished a handsome new 2 story dwelling.

There is nothing purer than a sister’s love -- even the sister of the bandit CHAVEZ has gone into mourning for the renegade.

Died -- Miss Bess HOLLOWAY.

FREMONT’s peak is white with snow this morning.

***Gilroy Correspondence --
Police court --
-AH LONG arrested for indecent exposure of his person, tried by jury & acquitted
-Thos FARRELL, for battery on NEISER, fined $22.75; paid
-D.D. MARTIN, D, $7 or 2 days; part of fine paid & a prospective outlook for the balance gave him his liberty.

Married -- by J.P. MARTIN; Wm. SCHULTZ of Gilroy to Miss Carrie HAMES of Santa Cruz.
Died -- infant daughter of Mr.&Mrs. Thos. FLOYD.
Died -- At J.P. SARGENT’s ranch, George WALKER, aged 55 years.
Died -- Juan VASQUEZ
Died -- At Stockton Asylum, Mary, wife of S. BALDACCI, of this city.
Died -- M.H. WILSON, ex-constable, committed suicide on the 17th, by swallowing 1 ½ ounces of laudanum. Political disappointments was his excuse for the deed. He leaves a wife & 3 children.

**CASTRO Acquitted -- George CASTRO, who shot & killed Pedro RUIS, appeared before the Justice court of Panoche valley at the early part of the week and underwent a preliminary examination. Judge MAY, of Hollister, acted as counsel for CASTRO. The examination of witnesses drew out evidence clearly substantiating defendant’s plea of self-defence. The wound in CASTRO’s arm was supposed to have been inflicted before RUIS received his fatal shot under the eye. CASTRO was acquitted by the court and congratulated by his friends. We are informed that this victim is the 4th that CASTRO’s bloody hand has deprived of life.

**Brutal Assault -- Mr. WILCOX, Assemblyman from Mariposa, and popularly known as the “Mariposa Blacksmith,” created a breeze in the Senate on Tuesday last by making an assault upon the ‘Chronicle’ reporter. The reporter was engaged, unconscious of danger, attending to his reportorial duties, when he was suddenly struck with a heavy stick, in the hands of WILCOX, who, in a stealthy and cowardly manner, had approached him from behind. The reporter, bewildered by the force of the blow, which had cut the scalp and laid several inches of the skull bare, drew his pistol. WILCOX presented a revolver to view at the same time, but both men were immediately disarmed and further trouble prevented. The time, place and manner of attack indicate unmistakably the rash, ungovernable temper of WILCOX. Such undignified brutal conduct in a legislator is disgraceful and should subject him to the censure of the house, the condemnation of the people and the punishment of the courts.

**The Cemetery Road -- We need a better and more direct road to the Odd Fellows’ cemetery. Every funeral cortege now has to pass over a circuitous route, dusty in dry weather and miry in wet seasons. A good, hard road around the western side of the town hill could be made at a trifling expense, provided the right of way could be obtained from Mr. HODGES, the owner of the land. A private road already extends nearly the whole way, which presents a saving of more than half the distance now traveled to the graveyard. All that is necessary to make a complete connection with First St. is some slight grading for about 100 yards. This road, being off the main route of travel to San Juan, would always be in good order. If furnished with an avenue of shade trees, it would, in a few years, become an attractive drive. We make this suggestion, believing the opening of this new road would be of great public convenience.

**Real Estate Sales --
-James I. HODGES to J.H. FISHBURN, 1 lot; $100
-Daniel HARRIS to Julius BREITBARTH, lot in San Juan; $500
-Thos. FLINT, Benjamin FLINT & L. BIXBY to Jackson ROWLAND, 80ac; $2000
-Frank OLDHAM to Wm. BUCK, part of the rancho San Felipe y Ausaymas; $3400
-W.W. HOLLISTER to J.S. CARTER, 362ac; $3000
-Martin DOTY to W.C. LAND, 10ac; $1500
-W.W. HOLLISTER to John W. HAWKINS, 172ac; $5000
-W.W. HOLLISTER to John W. HAWKINS, 187ac; $4000
-W.W. HOLLISTER to James HUDNER, 172ac; $5000
-W.W. HOLLISTER to R.C. McCLOSKEY, 86ac; $3000
-W.W. HOLLISTER to M.D. COLLDERS, 157ac; $3000
-W.W. HOLLISTER to Neil STEWART, 86ac; $3000
-W.W. HOLLISTER to Henry HAGEN, 344ac; $10,000
-S.J.H.A. to J.M. GREGORY, lot in Hollister; $100
-Luis & Clemente ARQUES to S. HICKOK, 2 lots in Tres Pinos; $75
-S. HICKOK to John L. PREWITT, 2 lots (different) in Tres Pinos; $75
-Augustus BREWSTER to Moses STICE, 5ac; $1
-J.I. HODGES to W.C. LAND, 1ac; $250
-W.W. HOLLISTER to Isaac JOHNSON, 173ac; $5000
-J.I. HODGES to Alex EATON, 3 lots; $600
-J.I. HODGES to S.F. COWAN, on Fifth St.; $300
-J.I. HODGES to R. POWELL, on West St.; $500
[full descriptions, p. 3]

**Chinese Wash-House -- A petition extensively signed will be presented to the next session of the town fathers praying for the removal of the Chinese from San Benito St. This petition was prepared by Coroner BLACK who for several days past has been absorbed with grave reflections over the recent Chinese occupancy of a building in close proximity to his own business stand. The risk to frame ranges by which insurance rates are largely increased, and the general filth and effluvia common to celestial wash houses are the chief reasons assigned by the petitioners to warrant the action from the Board of Trustees, in ordering the removal of the Chinese to other parts of the town site…

January 29, 1876

Married -- in Sonoma, Jan. 19th, at St. Francis’ Church, by the Rev. Father WARD; John A. SMALL of Hollister to Mary Josephine HAYNE of Sonoma. [Mr. John A. SMALL arrived home on Tuesday last escorting one of Sonoma’s fair belles, to whom he has given his hand and heart. John is one of the worthiest young tradesmen in Hollister and we are pleased to record his marriage.]

**Suicide at Hollister -- The town was aroused yesterday morning over the report that W.S. LETCHER had left his home in the middle of the night and had not been seen or heard of since. Mr. LETCHER being a well known citizen, having served as agent of Friedlander’s warehouses for years, the concern of every townsman was awakened to ascertain his fate. A caucus meeting was held at about 10 o’clock and committees appointed to search every street in the town and its suburbs. This search was prosecuted for 2 hours before the church bell tolled the signal of discovery. It was then that the sad news, finally covering the town with gloom, was conveyed to the excited crowds on the streets.

Judd HAMILTON, Frank SHERMAN and Fred BENSON reported that they had found the unfortunate remains of LETCHER in TUCKER’s orchard, a 5 acre field at the extreme end of San Benito St. A small shanty, formerly occupied by Chinese gardeners, stands in the enclosure, and within this lonely retreat away from any settled neighborhood LETCHER had retired in a demented mood to commit suicide. The body was in a kneeling posture with the face turned to the right side and resting on the floor. The hands were partially closed and the right one held an open razor. With this instrument he made 2 fearful gashes on each side of his throat, severing the main arteries and letting out the life blood, which stood in a pool on the floor. In his coat pocket was found a handkerchief saturated with blood from which it is inferred that he used it after making the first cut and deliberately returned it to the pocket. The case of the razor was in his breast pocket closed up. A few dollars were also found, but up to this writing no letters or memoranda with last parting words to friends have been brought to light. The body was conveyed to town and deposited in RECARD’s vacant store, where the inquest was held yesterday evening. Mr. LETCHER was universally esteemed and his rash act excites surprise and regret in this community. For some time past his depression and weakness of mind have been observed by his friends, and it is believed, after the investigation of the Coroner’s jury that insanity will be attributed as the cause of the deed.

**San Benito Lime --
From the San Jose ‘Mercury’ -- “In Justice WILLIAMSON’s Court yesterday afternoon a civil suit was tried before a jury, in which the plaintiff, G.W. KNEEDLER, sued for the recovery of $34, the value of 17 barrels of lime, During the trial experts were examined as to the quality of the lime The quarry is located in San Benito county and belongs to the estate of A.A. KNEEDLER, of which G.W. KNEEDLER is executor. J.H. TWITCHELL leased the kiln last July from Mr. KNEEDLER, and has been turning out ever since a superior quality of lime. T. LENZEN, the architect, testified that the lime is now being used in the construction of Wm. P. DOUGHERTY’s mansion on the corner of Sixth & Washington streets and as far as tested is of good quality. Others deposed that compares favorably with the best in the market. It slacks well, makes excellent mortar and gives general satisfaction.”

The lime quarry referred to is near San Juan. The lime has been used in the newly constructed houses of Hollister with satisfactory results and we have no doubt that it will prove a rich source of revenue to Mr. TWITCHELL.

**News from San Juan --
A female confidence operator has been playing her game very finely lately among the ladies of this place. She arrived here on the stage from the R.R. and put up at the National Hotel and at once went to work to ingratiate herself among the ladies. She represented that she owned a mining district in Nevada and that she came here as she wished a quiet place to spend the winter. She sported around with Mr. PULLEN’s lively teams and invited several ladies to accompany her in her rides. She spoke very highly of the beauties of the town and the surrounding scenery and told them she would induce her husband to build a mansion on one of the surrounding hills. The unsuspecting San Juan ladies all vied with each other in contributing to her comfort while amongst them. At last the gay deceiver received bogus dispatches and letters from her supposed husband, representing that he would be down on a certain day. To make proper preparation for her lord’s reception, she went to work and borrowed all the loose change the ladies had, and then went by the stage to Sargent’s Station, for the purpose of meeting her husband. She took the cars, leaving her hotel and livery bills unsettled. It will be a warning for the ladies.

Born -- to the wife of T. KING, a daughter.

**Last evening Dr. NEAL was summoned by telegram to immediately repair to Paicines to render medical aid to a son of Mr. McPHAIL, who had been run over by a wagon and seriously hurt.

**Henderson BROWN says that teamsters driving over his gravel path on Sixth st. are liable to a fine of $50. Would it not be better to shoot them for their ignorance.

**Real Estate Sales --
-T.S. HAWKINS to John SMALL, on San Benito St.; $200
-J.I. HODGES to W.J. WEBBER, lot in HODGES’ addition; $500
-J.F. TAYLOR to E. JAMES, 160ac; leased for 4 years.
-W.W. HOLLISTER to B. KEMP & others, 443ac; $5000
-B. KEMP et als to A. BREWSTER, part of above; $1550
-Roena KEMP et als to B. KEMP, 244ac; $1000
-W.W. HOLLISTER to CHAPPELL & FARISH, 172ac; $5000
-W. TENNANT to Philip HENRY, 159ac; $1000
[full descriptions, p. 3]

**Unclaimed Letters --
SMITH, Joseph

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