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Description: Births, Marriages, & Deaths, etc. - Weekly Publication

Date: June 1903

Newspaper published in: Hollister

4 June, 1903

Died -- YOTNGER -- at Oakland, May 31, Mrs. C.M. ROUNGER [spelled 2 very different ways], a native of Illinois, aged 62 years, 11 months, 21 days. [Mrs. C.M. YOUNGER [spelled a 3rd way] died at Oakland last Sunday at the age of 63 years. The funeral took place from the Christian church at this place. Interment, Odd Fellow’s cemetery.]

Died -- DOUGHERTY -- in Hollister, May 30, Phillip DOUGHERTY, a native of Ireland, aged 75 years. [Fatal Accident -- Philip DOUGHTERTY, an old and respected resident of San Juan, died last Saturday from the effects of injuries received in a runaway accident. He was coming into town in a 2-horse wagon and when near F.D. SHERMAN’s place, on Fourth street, the horses took fright and stated to run at a lively gait. Mr. DOUGHERTY evidently realized his perilous position and grabbed the seat with his left hand, retaining the reins in his right. At the corner of Monterey street the team turned in a southerly direction, at the same time increasing their pace. As they neared the corner of Seventh and Monterey street, the tongue of the wagon fell to the ground, at which place the unfortunate man was thrown from the wagon and when picked up was found to be unconscious. Medical assistance was summoned and an examination of his injuries showed that he had received a fracture at the base of the skull and his neck dislocated. He lived some time after the accident but was unconscious up to the last. Deceased had been a resident of the San Juan valley for the past 30 years where he had been engaged in farming and stock raising the greater portion of the time. He was well known throughout the county and was universally respected, and his untimely taking off was regretted. He was a man of many excellent qualities and was recognized by all who knew him as an upright and honorable citizen…The funeral took place from the Catholic Church at San Juan last Monday and the remains were interred in the cemetery at that place…Besides a widow he leaves a number of children to mourn his loss. He was the father of Hon. W.J. DOUGHERTY, Assemblyman from this district.]

News was received here this week from Germany of the death of Mrs. H. ROSENBERG, mother of M. ROSENBERG, of this place.

12 June, 1903

Born -- HORTON -- in Hollister, June 7, to the wife of Lem HORTON, a son.

Married -- CASTLE-MATTHEWS -- at San Jose, June 10, by Rev. J.W. DINSMORE; Arthur F. CASTLE and Miss Clara E. MATTHEWS. […The groom is a son of I.N. CASTLE, formerly of this place, and now a wealthy cattleman of San Jose. The bride is an accomplished young lady. They will reside in San Jose.]

Married -- DOOLING-FLOOD -- at Sacramento, June 10, by Rev. Father BRADY; John H. DOOLING and Miss Olive H. FLOOD. […at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament…Miss Annie DOOLING of this place was the bridesmaid and T.J. DAVIS of Sacramento, best man…After the honeymoon they will make this place their future home. The groom is a Hollister boy, where he was born and raised. He is a great favorite among all, both on account of his sterling qualities and his jovial disposition. The bride is a native of California and is loved by all who know her…The ‘Lance’ joins their many friends in wishing “Dugan” and his happy bride a long life full of happiness and prosperity.]

Died -- RIANDA -- in San Francisco, June 6, Aquiline Joseph RIANDA, nephew of Jos. RIANDA, of Tres Pinos, a native of Moghegno, Switzerland, aged 28 years, 6 mos., 21 days.

Died -- LATTURE -- at Hollister, June 10, Mrs. J.W. LATTURE, a native of Norway, aged 71 years, 4 mos., 21 days. [A Noble Lady -- It is with feeling of the deepest sorrow that we chronicle the death of Mrs. Johanna LATTURE, which occurred at her residence on Third street…It hardly seems possible that she, the kind-hearted, charitable and lovable old lady, has withdrawn from the scenes of this life, where her cheerful presence always cast a hale of gladness and joy around…[lots more about her character]…The death of Mrs. LATTURE was quite sudden. The immediate cause is attributed to heart failure. She had been ailing for several days, but her condition was not of such a nature as to confine her to her bed. On last Wednesday she was left alone for a few moments, and on the return of her daughter, Mrs. Eddie SMITH, to the room she found her mother dead…For the past 30 years she had been a resident of Hollister…The funeral will take place today at 3 o’clock p.m., from the Presbyterian Church…Interment, Odd Fellows cemetery.]

Died -- VARGAS -- at Hollister, June 9, Maggie, beloved wife of Manuel VARGAS, aged 25 years, 6 mos., 9 days, a native of California.

Mat WILSON was in receipt of a letter this week from John MITCHELL, an old friend of his school days in Literkenny, Ireland. It had been 30 years since the above friends had heard from each other. Mr. MITCHELL is now located at Anaconda, Montana, where he is a prosperous and prominent resident. He is at present in this State making a tour of the coast and visiting all the principal points of interest.

The wedding of Miss Genevieve BLAKE, daughter of F.W. BLAKE of the Gilroy ‘Advocate,’ and Robert MAYOCK, took place at the home of the bride in Gilroy last Sunday. Mr.&Mrs. MAYOCK were the recipients of many handsome presents.

19 June, 1903

Married -- FORD-PEABODY -- in Hollister, June 18, by Gilmore AGNEW, J.P.; Manuel J. FORD and Katherine PEABODY.

Died -- GRAVES -- in Hollister, June 15, Maria E. GRAVES, mother of Mrs. Ella STEINBECK and Frank GRAVES, a native of Ohio, aged 70 years.

Died -- AMAYA -- in Hollister, June 17, Amanda M. AMAYA, a native of California, aged 2 years, 7 months, 9 days.

New Catholic Bishop -- Bishop CONATY arrived at Los Angeles last Wednesday and was installed Bishop of this diocese the following day…Thomas J. CONATY was born in Kilualeck, County Cavan, Aug. 1, 1847. As a child of 3 years, he was brought to America by his parents, who settled in the manufacturing town of Taunton, Mass., where the boy attended the public school until he was ready to go to college. His college course was begun in 1863 at Montreal college and completed in 1869 at Holy Cross college, Worcester. He then returned to Montreal with his A.B. degree to become first a seminarian, studying philosophy and theology with their usual collateral sciences, to become finally, in 1872, a priest…

Town Swept Away -- The town of Heppner, county seat of Morrow county, Oregon, was almost completely swept away last Sunday evening by a cloudburst in the mountains, which swept down Willow creek, on which the town is situated. From latest reports, between 350 and 500 people were drowned…The occurrence of this fatal accident was brought more vividly to the people of this place from the fact that Mrs. F.A. CUNNING and her daughter were on a visit to relatives at that place. The newspapers reported the death of the WELLS family, whom she was visiting, and as no word was heard from her it was naturally supposed that she suffered the same fate. Mr. CUNNING and the entire community were kept in suspense till Wednesday when the glad news was received that she and her daughter were among the survivors…Among those who lost their lives at this time were Wallace LIPSETT, wife & child…Wallace LIPSETT was the son of Archie LIPSETT, who as a former resident of this place, having been engaged in the drug business here. Afterwards he was a sewing machine agent and made frequent visits to Hollister. His son was a prominent young man of that place, where he had the confidence of the Morrow County Wool and Grain Co., of which he was a trusted employee. He was to become the general manager of the concern on August 1st.

Roswell C. SARGENT, the wealthiest man in San Joaquin county, died suddenly, Tuesday afternoon, at his home in Stockton. Deceased was a brother of State Senator B.C. SARGENT of Monterey county ad Jas. P. SARGENT, of Santa Clara county, both deceased.

The final decree in the estate of Elizabeth SMITH, deceased, issued of the Superior Court of King county, has been placed on record in the Recorder’s office. The property of the estate is transferred to Lee B. SMITH, and consists of lots 7 & 8, block 7, Stone’s addition, 10 shares of capital stock of Old Bank, Hanford, 10 shares State Mutual Building and Loan Association, & 3 promissory notes, aggregating $1593.40.

26 June, 1903

Born -- SNIBLEY -- in Hollister, June 24, to the wife of Harmon SNIBLEY, a son.

Born -- KRUSE -- in Hollister, June 25, to the wife of Hans KRUSE, a son.

Born -- HOOVER -- at Mulberry, June 22, to the wife of George G. HOOVER, a son.

Married -- HENDRICKS-NASH -- in Hollister, June 24, by Rev. D.A. RUSSELL; Howard E. HENDRICKS and Caroline A. NASH.

Married -- JACOBS-PLECG -- in Hollister, June 22, by Gilmore AGNEW, J.P.; Joe JACOBS and Pauline PLECG, both of Redwood City.

Married -- CANFIELD-BUTLER -- in San Francisco, June 21, by Rev. Joseph WORCESTER; Samuel Russell CANFIELD of San Juan and Alice Marion BUTLER of San Francisco.

Married -- CAPP-OLIVER -- at Pacific Grove, at the home of Mr.&Mrs. F.W. OLIVER, parents of the bride, June 16, by Rev. Dr. NEEDHAM; George CAPP of Ketchikan, Alaska, and Miss Gertrude OLIVER, of Pacific Grove.

Married -- McCLOSKEY-DOOLING -- in San Francisco, June 21, by Rev. Father HENNIGAN; Jas. P. McCLOSKEY and Miss Kittie DOOLING, both of this place. […at the parochial residence of St. Mary’s Cathedral…Miss Madge DOWLING of San Francisco, cousin, and Jeff DOOLING, of this place, brother of the bride, were bridesmaid and groomsman, respectively. The ceremony was followed by an elegant supper at the Poodle Dog Restaurant. After a 2 week’s sojourn in San Francisco, Mr.&Mrs. McCLOSKEY will return to Hollister for a permanent residence.]

Married -- SILVA-BETTENCOURT -- in San Jose, June 22, Frank SILVA and Mary Joseph BETTENCOURT, both of Hollister.

Died -- GREANEY -- in San Francisco, June 24, John T. GREANEY, a native of California, aged 41 years.

Died -- VOISARD -- in San Jose, June 23, Constancio T. VOISARD, a native of California, aged 34 years. [C.T. VOISARD died at San Jose last Tuesday after an illness of several months. “Butch,” as he was familiarly known in this community where he had spent the greater portion of his life, had many good traits which greatly overbalanced any misgivings that he might have had. He was always of a cheerful disposition and took life as it came, indulging in its pleasures and borrowing none of its sorrows or disappointments…He grew to manhood in Hollister…San Jose was his birthplace and in the cemetery at that place his remains were laid to rest.]

Died -- ABBE -- at San Juan, June 20, Andrew ABBE, a native of New York, aged 75 years. [A Pioneer Gone -- Andrew ABBE, whose death occurred at San Juan last Saturday, was a pioneer of this State, coming by way of Panama and settling in Sacramento in 1850, in which vicinity he engaged in mining. He returned East in 1852, but subsequently came back to California, and the following year settled in the San Juan valley, and was for a time engaged in stock raising near Fremont’s peak. Later his occupation was that of teamster, hauling freight from San Jose and Alviso to San Juan and the New Idria mines, which he abandoned after the railroad was built to Sargents. He was one of the first settlers of the Hollister grant. In Oct. 1857 he married Miss Mary BERRY, sister of Norman and Thaddeus BERRY, and the issue of this marriage were 14 children. He was one of the oldtime settlers of San Juan and was well known throughout the county. He had a typical home in the old mission town, where he enjoyed the esteem of a large circle of friends. He was married again in 1902 to Mrs. DUNHAM, who survives him. The funeral took place last Sunday and the remains were interred in the old cemetery, where for the past half century he had assisted in the same sad rites of laying to rest friends of his earlier and later years.]

Just 9 weeks after the death of S.F. GEIL, his widow, Mrs. Josefa GEIL, passed away, at Salinas last Monday. Mrs. GEIL was 57 years old, a native of Monterey and a daughter of Rafael SANCHEZ, who was the private secretary of General Michel TORENA, at one time the Mexican governor of California, and Maria Antonia CASTRO, a member of the prominent CASTRO family. She had been ill for several years.

David A. WATSON, of San Jose, employed as a line man for the Sunset Telephone Co., died very suddenly at San Juan on Thursday of last week. With several others he was engaged at work when he was stricken with dizziness and dropped to the ground and expired in a few moments. Deceased was a native of Monterey and 65 years of age. An inquest and autopsy were held by Coroner BLACK and the dead man’s relatives in San Jose were notified. The deceased leaves a widow, 2 sons & 2 daughters. Heart failure was the cause of death.

Old Augustine, the last Indian of the Soledad Mission, died in Gonzales, aged about 85 years, last Saturday. She was known to nearly everyone in the Salinas Valley.

From the Gilroy ‘Advocate’ -- The engagement is announced of Miss Lucy THOMAS and Thos. McCLOSKEY, of Hollister. Miss THOMAS will graduate the end of this month from Dr. CLARK’s training school for nurses. She is a most popular young lady of sweet disposition and has endeared herself to a large circle of friends. Mr. McCLOSKEY is the only son of Mr.&Mrs. Thos. McCLOSKEY, sterling citizens of San Benito county. At present he is Wells’ Fargo messenger running out of the city.

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