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Daily Bee
Daily Bee
Contributed by Betty_Loose

Description: Death of Mary Ingram, Police Court, Suicide of Maggie Barrett, & other news

Date: April 26 1895

Newspaper published in: Sacramento

Friday April 26, 1895

STOCKTON, April 26 - This morning a fisherman named HARRISON was drowned in Stockton Channel. He was rowing in a skiff with his partner. Captain ACKER, in a gasoline launch, took the skiff in tow. The light craft overturned, Harrison could not swim and was drowned before Acker could stop the launch and back up to where he was. His body was not recovered. His partner swam to shore.

The death is announced of Mary, wife of the late William Ingram, and mother of Alexander, William and Scott Ingram, and Mrs. E.L. McCASLIN, at the advanced age of 7* years and 5 months. Mrs. Ingram was a native of ***tland. She was a most estimable woman and led a *eeful life.

The case of Dr. N.A. ARCHIBALD, Secretary of the California State Veterinary Medical Association, who was charged with criminal libel by Dr. CARPENTER, a veterinary surgeon of Oakland, has been dismissed in the latter city.

He Is Subjected to a Rigorous Cross-Examination.
SAN FRANCISCO, April 26 - Judge CONLAN's Court room was again packed this morning at the resumption of the preliminary examination of Theodore DURRANT for the murder of Minnie WILLIAMS.
Elmer A. WOLFE was the first witness. He testified concerning the Christian Endeavor meeting at Dr. VOGEL's house on Good Friday night. He left Vogel's at 11:30 and escorted Miss LORD home. He had come from his ranch that afternoon at 3, made purchases about town, dined at a restaurant and went to Vogel's at 8:15.
The witness was severely cross-examined for the defense. Counsel for Durrant compared the hats and overcoats of Wolfe and Durrant to show that Wolfe might have been mistaken for Durrant.
The defense tried to cast a suspicion on Wolfe, pursuing the same tactics as pursued towards Rev. John George GIBSON yesterday. The resemblance in the clothing and in the build between Durrant and Wolfe were the only points made.
George R. KING, a student and organist of Emmanuel Church and Librarian of the Sunday School, was the next witness. He said that he had a key to the library, but not to the side door of the Church, although Durrant had. King and Durrant had put an additional lock on the library to make it more secure. Witness was practicing on the church organ Friday morning. He had done some mechanical work about the church, but did not bring any tools. There were some about the church and Rev. GIBSON had a hammer and a chisel.

SAN FRANCISCO, April 26 - Chief of Police CROWLEY says now that there is not a single fact pointing to any one but Durrant, and that Rev. Gibson has a perfect alibi. Crowley says that the police will present a stronger case against Durrant in the Lamont case than in the Williams murder. The District Attorney will try the Lamont case in the Superior Court, taking up the Williams case subsequently.

Two Warrants in Connection With Chinese Lotteries
In the Police Court this morning Lottie BURKS, charged with being drunk, forfeited a deposit of $5.
Ah KEUNG, a Chinaman, who is charged with selling lottery tickets, on complaint of Officer BAGLEY, pleaded not guilty and desired a continuance in order to obtain counsel. His case was then continued until to-morrow morning.
W.H.H. WILLEY, who keeps the store where Ah Keung sold lottery tickets, was charged with letting a building for lottery purposes. He pleaded not guilty and had his case continued until to-morrow morning.

Canton Sacramento, No. 1. Patriarchs Militant, I.O.O.F., has elected officers for the ensuing year as follows: Captain Oliver W. ERIEWINE; Lieutenant, William E. BOWMAN; Ensign, Adolph La FRIT; Clerk, William A. STEPHENSON; Accountant, Charles W, BAKER; Standard Bearer, O.F. BABCOCK; Guard, W.I. PARMER; Picket, P.L. PAUL; Sentinel, W.L. BRUNSON.

Suicide of Mrs. Maggie Barrett Yesterday Afternoon
When Thomas R. BARRETT, a mechanic in the railroad shops, went to his home at 3005 J street shortly after 5 o'clock he did not find his wife as usual at that hour in the kitchen. He instituted a search for her and found her lifeless body suspended from a rafter in the basement. She had stood upon a chair until she adjusted the rope and then kicked it out from under her. Her feet were within a few inches of the floor. The only cause that can be assigned for the deed it that she was slightly demented. An inquest will be held this evening. She leaves a little daughter 11 years of age.

She Is Acquitted of the Charge of Murdering Frank Quinn STOCKTON, April 26 - Edith ELDER, who shot Frank QUINN last November was to-day acquitted of the charge of murder. The jury was out only five minutes.
The defense was temporary insanity. Edith testified that Quinn had seduced her under a promise of marriage. When he refused to keep his promise, she shot him as he slept and then shot herself in the cheek.

The estate of the late L.S. TAYLOR has been appraised at $4750.
The contest over the estate of the late Mary G.N. FERU has been continued until Monday next.
Division Superintendent J.B. WRIGHT has returned from Wadsworth, Nevada, to which point his official jurisdiction is to be extended.
Andrew J. IMBERG, a native of Sweden, has been admitted to citizenship by Judge JOHNSON. His witnesses were W.A. GILBERT and W.H. BIRDSALL.

The solemn dedication of St. Francis' Church, Twenty-sixth and K streets, will take place next Sunday morning at 10 o'clock. Very Rev. Father GRACE, Administrator of the Diocese, will perform the dedication ceremonies. Rev. Father Maximillian, O.S. F., of San Francisco, will be the celebrant of Solemn High Mass. Rev. Father RIORDAN, S.J., of Santa Clara, will preach in English and Rev. Father LEO, O.S.F., of San Francisco, will preach in German. All are cordially invited.

Joseph BONIVERT's residence, a mile south of Grass Valley, was destroyed by fire Thursday morning. Loss $1500.
George W. FRASER has been arrested at Napa. He is wanted in Placer County to answer to a charge of horse-stealing.
John MURPHY, cousin of Barney MURPHY, of San Jose, was found dead in Sadie Nichol's house of ill repute in San Francisco this morning. His death was caused by asphyxiation.
The shipment of oranges to date from Riverside amounts to 1175 cars, which is still somewhat short of half the crop. The daily shipments now average twenty-four carloads, when it should number ten carloads more at least.
Charles HOYT, a young man who forged a check for $500 on the Ontario Bank, San Bernardino County, Thursday pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one year's imprisonment. Hoyt is from one of the best-known wealthy families of Maryland.
Two section crews working on the Southern Pacific had a pitched battle at Potoso, Kern county, while unloading freight. The crews consisted respectively of Japanese and Chinese, and it was a repetition of the late war. The Chinese were routed, and two were shipped to the County Hospital for repairs.

Mrs. John VERHITE at Sidney, Ohio, was caught in a raid made on a disreputable house. Her husband went to her cell and shot her through the heart. He escaped.


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