The Greenville Times (MS)
The Greenville Times (MS)
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Description: This School Has a Class in Wooing

Date: December 15 1907

Newspaper published in: Greenville, MS


Page/Column: Page 10, Column 2

Greenville, Ill., Dec. 11. Prof. H. G. Russell, superintendent of the high school has introduced instruction in love-making in the school curriculum. Parents of some of the pupils declare that they do not want their children's thoughts turned so early to love, but Prof. Russell and his wife, who is his assistant, say they will see the experiment through. Russell thinks in time courtship will be taken out of the realm of empiricism and lifted into the realm of exact science as chemistry followed alchemy.
Twenty-three pupils, ten of whom are girls, constitute the first class in world to receive formal instruction in courtship. Prof. Russell has given them three lectures and they have written essays. The instruction will be chiefly through study of the literature of love, including the courtship of Miles Standish, “Romeo and Juliet,” and other standard works of fiction. Pupils will be expected to learn:
How to take the heart by storm or by siege.
How to detect the advent of the grand passion.
How to behave if parental objection is manifested.
How to pay a compliment.
How to encourage a bashful suitor or corner an elusive girl.
How to allay unfounded jealousy.
How to propose.
How to ask papa.
The etiquette of the engagement ring.
Deportment during engagement.
Girls will learn how to promise to be a sister. The year’s course will take the students all the way from the first sweet sting of love to the altar.

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