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Date: March 1875

March 6, 1875

Born -- near Hollister, Feb. 28th, 1875, to the wife of J.D. FOWLER, a son.

Born -- in Hollister, Mar. 2nd, 1874, to the wife of A.H. FREDSON, a daughter.

Born -- at Santa Ana, Mar. 2nd, 1875, to the wife of Sampson DUNCAN, a son.

Married -- Feb. 28th, at the residence of Mr. BARNES, near Hollister, by the Rev. John EDWARDS; Miss Elizabeth CRAIG to James NICOL.

Married -- in Hollister, Feb. 27th, by Judge HUNT; Miss Mary Ann WILLIAMS to Sacramento CARASCO.

**From Lower California --
J.C. HAYES, Esq. Returned on Wednesday from a tour through Lower California where he has been exploring the country for the past 6 weeks in company with the following gentlemen -- J.R. BRADLEY of Nevada, W.C. LAND of Idaho, J.C. SMITH of Stockton, and D.O. McCARTY of San Diego. These adventurous travelers started overland from San Diego with a wagon and mule team and passed through the old missions and numerous settlements of that extensive peninsula. They found settlements from 15 to 50 miles apart, the country sparsely settled with a poor, indolent, unproductive class of people, who appear to live on their wits and who are supremely indifferent to a provision for the future. Mr. HAYES reports that his party passed through 19 fine valleys containing some choice agricultural and grazing lands, and ranging in size from 6 to 100 thousand acres. They proceeded as far as Rosario, San Domingo, and Magdalena, and on the return trip purchased 30 leagues of land. Mr. HAYES kept a journal of his travels, from which we will endeavor to make some interesting extracts in our next impression.

**Board of Trustees --
-The resignation of Deo MALCOM was read and accepted by the board. T.R. PERRY appointed marshal for the unexpired term at a salary of $50 per month.

-Town Attorney BRIGGS was instructed to continue the license suits against the laundries until the matter is fully and satisfactorily settled.

***Gilroy Correspondence--
The vocal and instrumental concert given by Eugene A. BRIGGS last Friday evening was a treat for our citizens…All of the music and songs were composed by Mr. BRIGGS himself. That he is a capable teacher was proven by the performance of numbers of his pupils upon the piano that evening. Where all did well, it would hardly seem fair to individualized any. Miss Ada OSBORN as a performer upon the piano is excellent…

Married, Miss Ida STEVENS to Mr. J.M. KNIGHT

Died, at old town, John SILBUR

**The New County Jail -- The San Benito county jail is to cost $10,000 and will be completed in April proximo. Messrs. BOOTH & CORY, the contractors and builders, are making fast progress with the work. The building will be 1 story high and its dimensions 38x60 feet. The walls, which are up, extend about 20 feet from the floor to the roof…The design is by Theodore LENZEN, the skillful architect of San Jose. Like all structures reared for the accommodation of law breakers, this is not very attractive. Located at the rear of the court house, in Col. HOLLISTER’s late handsome garden, opposite the Montgomery Hotel, where fruit, evergreen and pepper trees abound, it is well shaded from view and will probably rarely be observed by the many guests of that increasingly popular house.

**Robbery & Judgment -- Two boys named Francisco ROSAS and Sylvester TERIDA, who burglariously entered the house of Mr. ANDERSON, tinsmith, of San Juan, and took from a bureau drawer the sum of $35 and a pistol, were brought before Judge HERITAGE’s court on Thursday last to answer to the charge of petit larceny. TERIDA was in the employ of ANDERSON, working in the tin shop, and ROSAS was his companiero. TERIDA, by the advice of his attorney, plead guilty and at the request of the court antied up the sum of $25. ROSAS did not fare so well. In the judgment of the court, he is chiefly responsible for the burglary and $50 in money or time was his sentence. The latter gave notice of appeal.

**Mysterious Disappearance -- Several weeks since, a man named WILSON, of Dry Lake, started to Indian Valley, leaving his ranch, stock, cattle, and other property in the care of Mr. KAZACK. WILSON was a member of the San Benito grange, and at a recent meeting of the grangers, a committee of 2 were appointed to scour the country in search of the missing man. They heard of him at some of the sheep camps where he had been hospitably entertained. He had a gun and a dog with him. No definite tidings have been heard of his whereabouts up to date and many believe he has gone where the woodbine twineth. G.B. MONTGOMERY of San Jose has taken possession of the ranch and claims ownership by right of purchase.

**Directory -- We have received a copy of Paulson’s “Handbook directory of San Benito, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Mateo, and Monterey counties.” Its collection of names and business advertisements may be of service to business men; but its descriptive articles on the geographical surroundings of towns with which we are so well acquainted, and its efforts at map making, are lamentable failures. The blunders of the genius whom PAULSON employed to describe San Benito county are remarkable. We would advise him to go to school and devote a little attention to mathematics, before making another attempt to represent the boundaries of counties and the dimensions of valleys.

**Judge BREEN sustained the judgment of the Justice’s court in the case of the town of Hollister vs. MENG KEE. The Chinaman was remanded back to custody. Judge BAGGS has gone to San Francisco on behalf of his Chinese clients.

**Judge DAVIS is out again greeting his friends on the street. He has had a severe siege of sickness, but is gradually recovering strength. Last Thursday was the 34th anniversary of the judge’s connection with the IOOF.

**Ed. POOLE has returned to Hollister with his fair young bride and has commenced housekeeping in the house recently occupied by A.L. FARISH, which we understand he has purchased.

**Election -- The People’s ticket was successful at Salinas at the municipal election of Tuesday last. The entire ticket was elected with the exception of treasurer and 1 councilman. The following officers are elected:
H.S. BALL, Mayor
E.P. CONKLIN, Treasurer
W.W. ELLIOT, Marshal
W.L. CARPENTER, Assessor

**We are sorry to learn that through a severe attack of rheumatism, J.A. FAIRCHILD, Esq. has been absent from his business post for several days.

**Joe WAHLER has removed his family from Gilroy to Hollister.

**For Sale -- One of the best farms at San Juan containing 155 acres with improvements. A splendid property. Enquire of Wm. PRESCOTT, San Juan.

**Mrs. HARRIS, late of the Exchange Hotel, can accommodate about 6 boarders with the best of fare at her residence on Sixth street.

**For Sale -- A farm near GROGAN’s, 12 miles south of Hollister, partly fenced, containing 160 acres, 90 acres in grain. Title -- U.S. patent, price $3500, cash. Will trade for sheep. Apply to J.G. SANCHEZ, San Juan.

**CHAVEZ is reported to have been seen recently in San Luis Obispo County, with 7 or 8 armed Mexicans.

March 13, 1875

Born -- near Hollister, Mar. 6th, to the wife of E. HARLAN, a son.

Died -- at San Juan, Mar. 8th, 1875, Lizzie ZANETTA, daughter of Angelo ZANETTA.

**Fatal Accident -- Frank CULLEN started yesterday to Gilroy, having received news of the death of his brother Patrick CULLEN. It is stated that he fell from his wagon near Gilroy and died from the effects of the fall.

E.K. DUNLAP, late of San Felipe, died recently at Visalia.

***Gilroy Correspondence --
TONG AH CHING for stealing a pair of pants from E. BENNETT, lodges in the county jail for 4 months.

Born -- to the wife of James WHITE, a son
to the wife of Henry DALY, a daughter.

Died -- O.C. McCABE
Mary, wife of John S. FITZGERALD
near Visalia, E.K. DUNLAP, formerly merchant at San Felipe
J. ROWLAND of Mendocino county, formerly of this city.

Married -- in Avon, Conn., Mr. YOUNG WING of Canton, China, to Miss Mary L. KELLOGG; for the rest of the news, dresses, etc, see Springfield, Mass. ‘Republican.’

**Improvements -- In the way of improvements we notice that the Chappell tract of land is dotted over with residences recently erected. In the neighborhood of the school house, Messrs. BOGGS, McKEE, WOOLERY, TEMPLE & Bro., CHRISTENSON, COWAN and others have built for their respective families some very comfortable cottages, and building still continues.

**Penmanship -- We have had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of Mr. J.J. BEGGS, Professor of penmanship. Last week, Mr. BEGGS underwent the usual examination before our county board of education and succeeded in his effort to obtain a teacher’s certificate. This gentleman has taught the art of writing in Philadelphia and other eastern cities and we judge from the specimens submitted to our view that he is an accomplished penman. He has opened a writing school at the Hollister Seminary, where he is teaching the Spencerian system with great success.

**Runaway -- The new egg wagon from McMAHON’s establishment met with disaster on Wednesday morning. In starting on its canvassing errand, the bolt of the double trees broke, the tongue snapped apart and the frightened horses made unusually fast time, to the alarm of Billy BURTON, the driver, and of Mr. DALZELL, one of McMAHON’s handsome clerks, who happened to be out for an airing. Both men hurriedly alighted from the wagon, fortunately without much injury. BURTON received a few bruises and friend DALZELL lost part of his nose.

**Petit Larceny -- Thos. MASON and Henry WHITLOCK were brought before Judge HUNT’s court on Friday morning, charged with stealing a pair of shoes from A. WERZ’s store. MASON appeared to be under the influence of liquor and through using base language before the judge, was ordered to the calaboose for a few hours confinement. These men came into town from San Benito a few days since and had been seen loafing about our saloons and sponging for drinks. On Thursday evening, they secured their booty and offered it for sale to MILLIKEN’s bar keeper at a very low price. The information reaching WERZ, he had them arrested. The shoes were found in their bedroom at Jo SOWLES’ hotel.

**Learn to Write -- Prof. E.M. HOFFMAN has arrived in town with his very attractive specimens of penmanship and for the next few weeks, he will give instruction in the art of penmanship at the public school. His popularity as a teacher precedes him. About a week since we had the honor of serving the committee of judges appointed to award prizes to his class of 156 pupils at Gilroy and by a careful examination of their first and last efforts with the pen, we can confidently recommend him as an expert at his profession. We learn that he has been appointed for the ensuing year as writing master to the public schools of San Jose.

**Furniture -- A new furniture store has been opened in BALDWIN’s old store, opposite the post office. Mr. MELLOR, lately of Napa, has received a large stock of goods in his line.

**Druggist -- E.A. BARKER, brother-in-law to J.A. FAIRCHILD, of the San Benito Bank, has purchased Henry ROUNDS’ drug business. Mr. BARKER is an accomplished druggist and is prepared to dispense the healing draughts to all who need physical relief.

**Elder PORTER, of Colusa, will preach this evening and tomorrow at the Christian church. He is an Englishman and has the reputation of being a very talented gentleman.

**The thanks of Hollister minstrels is cordially given to Messrs. James GRAY, Arthur CRAW, J.B. SMALL, D.J. MATHEWS and F. HAUSER for the valuable services rendered by them in their late entertainment.

**Justice Court --
-McILROY vs. Hugh MATHEWS for assault with a deadly weapon. Plead guilty, fined $13, and paid, to the joy of the court.

-People vs. John McILROY and Wm. McILROY for assault with a deadly weapon; discharged.

-MASON and WHITLOCK; 2 drunks were cash fined $6; committed.

March 20, 1875

Born -- in Hollister, Mar. 19th, to the wife of W.J. WEBBER, a daughter.

Born -- in San Juan, Mar. 15th, 1875, to the wife of Judge J.F. BREEN, a daughter.

Married -- Mar. 16th, 1875, at the residence of Mr. Stephen WATSON, by the Rev. C.J. PICKLE, Mr. John M. WATSON to Miss Matilda E. DATESMAN, both of Paicines.

**The End of VASQUEZ -- Tiburcio VASQUEZ is dead…by the aid of the hangman’s rope, he stepped down and out of life from the scaffold at San Jose. He appeared perfectly cool on the scaffold, made no confession, but recited a prayer and died without a struggle.

***Gilroy Correspondence --
R. NUTTER, whilst handling giant caps at the Comstock mine (Pacheco range), had his right hand and thigh lacerated by them exploding in this pocket.

Mr. McSTAY was dragged by a horse, which he was leading, and had his hands and ribs badly lacerated.

Born -- to the wife of Chas. PEARSON, a daughter
Wm. STOCKTON, a daughter
S.A. JONES, twin daughters.

What shall we do with our girls, will become an interesting topic if our people continue that course long.

Frank TRAVERS for assault and battery, lodges 4 months in the county jail.

George RIVERS, who has figured 4 times in our police court lately, played our deputy sheriff and walked out of jail. For taking French leave, he got 10 days in the county jail.

Patrick CULLEN was buried at St. Mary’s church last Saturday…

Dr. FARLEY, whilst driving last Thursday night to visit the unfortunate young man, Patrick CULLEN (and of whose death I advised you) broke the reaches of his buggy and was thrown out, receiving a hip bruise.

**New Mine -- The genial face of E.C. TULLY has not been seen at his law office for several days past. We learn that the honorable gentleman has, in connection with Mr. CODY, been working with great success upon a quicksilver lode discovered near TULLY’s home in Bitterwater valley. A small furnace has been placed upon the ground and quicksilver, worth $1000 a week, is being distilled and shipped to market. If this yield continues, Hollister well lose a lawyer.

**Narrow Escape -- Wm. EPPEHEIMER’s 2 year old boy was playing on the street on Wednesday last when a horse and rider passed over him at a bound. The little fellow fortunately escaped unhurt.

**Election -- At a meeting of Hollister Encampment No. 1 Independent Champions of the Red Cross, the following officers were installed for the ensuing term by Supreme Counselor, A.C. McDOUGAL:
Mrs. L.S. GREEN, M of C
Mrs. M. CHURCHILL, C of R.C.

**We had a call this week from W. McGILLIVRAY, Esq. of Panoche. He reports that the country south of us is prosperous, but the feed is none too plentiful for the large flocks on the range.

**The Castroville ‘Argus’ has completed its sixth volume. MERRITT makes a good paper and deserves patronage.

**Shot -- On Thursday the 13th inst., John ASHURST, son of Craig ASHURST of Panoche valley, while out for a hunt met with a severe and painful accident. In slipping down a hill, he dropped his gun and its contents entered and shattered his right arm below the elbow.

**New Dwelling -- Mr. T.L. BALDWIN is about to erect a handsome 2 story dwelling on the NW corner of Monterey & Fifth Sts. When completed, it will rank in appearance with the best mansions in Hollister. The plan is by LENZEN of San Jose.

March 27, 1875

Born -- near Hollister, Mar. 20th, to the wife of Wm. WETHERS, a daughter.

Born -- in Hollister, Mar. 20th, to the wife of Jacob NYE, a son.

Born -- in Hollister, Mar. 21st, to the wife of J.B. STEELE, a son.

***Gilroy Correspondence --
Frank JAMES, Wells Fargo’s driver, whilst unloading some cases of mowers last Friday, had one of them fall upon him, severely bruising his legs and feet, fortunately no bones were broken. He was out yesterday on crutches.

Some wretch, who from an intuitive feeling knew there would be no glass mansion in the skies for him, purloined several large panes of glass from John RHINEHART’s paint shop, so that he could have one of his on hand. John, who is charitable, says he will furnish him the putty (for his nose) and ask no questions.

Born, to the wife of M. EISNER, a son.

Dr. T.D. JOHNSON, an old resident of San Jose and brother to Dr. JOHNSON, of this city, was thrown out of his buggy last Saturday and killed. He leaves a wife & 6 children and a host of friends behind him.

**Suicide -- On Wednesday afternoon, between 3 & 4 o’clock, at Joe MARCHETTI’s restaurant, Hollister, Francisco R. BRAVO, a native of the republic of Mexico, a gentleman highly respected by his many friends, put an abrupt end to his life by shooting himself through the head. MARCHETTI states that after engaging the room, he conversed with him a short time at the bar, and soon retired to his room where he remained. Taking some bed clothes for his use shortly after, he found him with his coat off and looking pale, and in reply to MARCHETTI’s inquiry if he was sick, said “you know, I am ruptured and want to wash myself.” These were his last words. About 5 o’clock MARCHETTI returned to the room to call him to supper, but received no answer to his summons. Looking through the window, he saw him lying on the bed with a looking glass on his breast, and receiving no answer to his repeated calls, he became alarmed and went and called Judge LOVETT, Drs. NEAL, EATON and RANKIN, who preceded him to the room. Judge LOVETT raised the looking glass from the breast, which was held by 1 hand, and observed a pistol under it. A watch and a letter (translated below) were found on the bureau. A bullet wound was visible on the side of the head, and the bullet which had traversed the front part of the brain and passed almost directly through the head, was found on the pillow. A small amount of the brain was exuding from the wound in the left temple. The supposition is that the deceased died instantaneously and without a struggle. Letters were found in his pocket book, one addressed to Senor HERNANDEZ with whom he had business relations, and 2 others to friends in San Jose. These were all forwarded by the coroner to their respective destinations.

The following is a translation of 1 of the letters written by the unfortunate man and found in his room:

“My name is Francisco Ramon BRAVO. My religion is Catholic. I am 60 years of age, less 2 days. For various causes, life is insupportable. I believe I have many friends who will approve my resolution, and in anticipation, I thank them for their good feelings and I solicit their pardon. I am a brother in the Odd Fellows Society, and I wish my brethren to bury my body. I beg them in charity to do this. I owe nobody. I have my debts all paid and settled. I have commended my spirit to God. I have asked him for mercy. Trusting in his charity, I die peaceably. Good bye. I charge my brethren to send the letters in my pocket-book to their destination. In my pocket there is money for the expenses.”

The following is the verdict:
We, the undersigned jurors summoned to appear before J.M. BLACK, the coroner of the county of San Benito, at Hollister, on the 25th day of March 1875, to enquire into the cause of the death of Francisco R. BRAVO, a person found dead in bed at the Court house restaurant, in the town of Hollister, having been duly sworn…find the deceased was named Francisco R. BRAVO, that he was a native of the republic of Mexico, aged 59 years, and that he came to his death by a pistol shot fired from a pistol by his own hand, all of which we duly certify…
Thos. M. DAVIS

The body was encased in a handsome metallic coffin and yesterday was conveyed to the Odd Fellows burial ground followed by a large number of his countrymen and by the Odd Fellows, whose humanitarian principles often charitably step in, with a decent show of respect for the memory of the suicide, when abandoned by the church.

**Not CHAVES -- Early in the morning of Saturday last, when everyone was snugly wrapt in slumber, the rapid reports of firearms were heard in Hollister and the minute men, who have been in the habit of sleeping lately with 1 eye open, and with loaded pistols under their heads, were soon out on the street, 150 strong, ready for fun. The rumor soon reached this armed posse that CHAVES was in town…The young man supposed to be CHAVES and who, by the aid of his friends, fortunately escaped being a victim to the frenzied crowd pursuing him, proved to be a respectable citizen named CASTRO, who bears no resemblance to CHAVES, the latter being a much larger man. How such a mistake of identity could have been made is unaccountable, but should the veritable CAHVES ever pay us a visit, he may anticipate a warm reception.

**Coal Mine -- Messrs. ROBERSON & HOPPER have discovered a promising coal mine located about 7 miles from Hollister. The surface croppings of pure lignite cover veins ranging from 6 inches to 9 feet in thickness and the development extends fully 600 yards.

**Missing -- Some surprise and anxiety are manifested by the friends of Dan CONVERSE on account of his continued absence from Hollister. Four weeks ago he started to Brown’s valley to collect money due him and has not since been heard from. Before starting he had arranged to accompany John PEPPERS to the southern country and this gentleman has been awaiting his return. Any information concerning the missing man will be thankfully received by Dan FARREL of Hollister.

**China Case -- MENG KEE, the China laundryman, has been remanded to the care of the Marshal of Hollister by order of Judge BELDEN, who has sustained the judgment of the lower courts. The wealthy Chinese companies of San Francisco have engaged the services of Judge HAIGHT, Leander QUINT and other prominent lawyers, including Judge BAGGS of Hollister, to test the merits of the question involved in this case before the Supreme court. As there is money in it, we presume that the matter will be thoroughly ventilated.

**The gentlemanly agent of the Hollister depot, John KEARNS, has gone for a tour through the southern counties to rusticate among the orange and olive groves of New Italy.

**Lorenzo WHITLOCK, while in the act of chopping wood at his home on Thursday last, cut off a toe from his left foot.

**C.O. CUMMINGS, editor of the Pajaronian, has been commissioned as postmaster of Watsonville. Edward MARTIN, who has held the position acceptably for many years, retires.

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