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Salinas Weekly Index
Salinas Weekly Index
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Description: General

Date: February 25 1892

Newspaper published in: Salinas

Thursday, 25 Feb 1892

Born -- GREENLEAF -- in Monterey, Feb. 13, 1892, to the wife of S. GREENLEAF, a son.

Born -- HILBY -- in Monterey, Feb. 14, 1892, to the wife of F.M. HILBY, a son. [F.M. HILBY received a handsome and costly valentine Sunday. The little thing squawks, cries and is exceedingly lively. HILBY thinks he will teach it to laugh eventually and do many things that other valentines cant do. It is the 3rd boy in the family and both it and its mamma are doing well.]

Born -- TASH -- at Arroyo Seco, Feb. 16, 1892, to the wife of A.P. TASH, a son.

Born -- HOWLAND -- in Salinas City, Feb. 18, 1892, to the wife of Charles W. HOWLAND, a daughter.

Born -- BRAFFET -- in Salinas City, Feb. 20, 1892, to the wife of Si BRAFFET, a son.

Born -- SHOOK -- in Salinas, Feb. 23, 1892, to the wife of Frank SHOOK a son.

Married -- SEIBT-HOMANN -- in Salinas City, at the M.E. Parsonage, Feb. 18, 1892, by Rev. C.G. MILNES; Carl G.A. SEIBT and Mrs. Augusta D. HOMANN, both of Salinas. [Licenses -- Feb. 18; Carl Gustav A. SEIBT and Augusta D. HOMANN, both of Salinas City.]

Died -- PERRY -- at Santa Cruz, Feb. 8, 1892, Mrs. Mary Ann PERRY, sister of Harrison BLINN of Fairview, aged 60 years.

Died -- MUSSON -- in Salinas, Feb. 22, 1892, Charles MUSSON, a native of England, aged 37 years. [see story below]

**Death from Goring -- Monday afternoon, Mrs. HICKEN, who is a cook at the county hospital, received a dispatch from Dr. GORDON from Gonzales, conveying the sad intelligence that her sister, Mrs. W.G.B. MOORE, living on the Arroyo Seco, about 15 miles from Soledad, had met her death from being gored by a maddened cow. The dispatch did not give further particulars, but through Mrs. HICKEN, on her return yesterday it is learned that 2 weeks before death Mrs. MOORE discovered some cattle of a neighbor in the [illeg] grain field and went with her son to drive them out. The cattle turned upon them, driving the son up a tree, and one of the animals struck Mrs. MOORE in the back. The hurt, although painful, was not considered serious, as the skin was not broken, and Mrs. MOORE was able to be about. Last Sunday she was taken suddenly worse and, before medical aid could reach her, was a corpse. Mrs. HICKEN and her daughter Clara, who is living at Superintendent WOODs and attending school, started for Mr. MOOREs Tuesday, returning yesterday. Mrs. MOORE formerly lived at Salinas and has many friends and acquaintances here. She has been in delicate health for a long time.

**A Remarkable Case -- The death of Charles MUSSON at the Salinas hotel last Monday night brings to a close a case that has had remarkable features which have seemed to baffle medical skill. Some 3 or 4 years ago he received a hurt at the Salinas warehouse where he was then working. The hurt developed a fistule which was removed. Afterwards he suffered intense pain in the abdominal regions, and he was told by the most eminent San Francisco physicians that his trouble was cancer of the stomach, and that his tenure of life was short. But he has lived on for more than 2 years after the diagnosis of those physicians, at times apparently on the road to full recovery. His physicians here were satisfied that he did not have cancer of the stomach, and the responsive benefits of their treatment showed that they were correct. The case was so remarkable that an autopsy was deemed to be in the interest of medical science, and was held Tuesday by Dr. STAFFORD, who for a long time has been MUSSONs physician, assisted by Drs. EDWARDS and BRUMWELL. The immediate cause of death was found to be perforation of the intestinal canal close to its junction with the colon. The perforation was caused by an abscess at that point. The trouble of long standing was found to have been a matting of the tissues of the mesentery glands, and while there was no apparent connection between the perforation that caused his death and the chronic trouble, the unexplained intricacies of the body and the unaccountable movements of pus cavities in a diseased system leave no scientific doubt of death traceable to a primary cause. MUSSON had, at different periods of his life, been singularly unfortunate as a victim of accidents, having had bones broken on 3 or 4 occasions. His 2 uncles, William and John BAXTER, both died of blood poisoning from abscess; and, in seeking for the primary cause of MUSSONs death, it may be traceable to functional heredity trouble or to shocks to his system from former hurts. The remains were interred yesterday from W.M. VANDERHURSTs undertaking parlor.

**Brevities --
-John KING, a native of Germany, was on Saturday admitted to citizenship by Judge DORN in the superior court, on the testimony of Nathan CLARK and A.M. CARPENTER.
-A house belonging to R. FISK, occupied by Clarence COX, on the Nacimiento, 8 miles from San Miguel, was destroyed by fire on Tuesday of last week. FISKs loss is $1000; the loss to COX in furniture is not stated.
-Boys clothing for boys 4 to 14 years old in 5 styles reduced to $1.25, $1.50, $2 and $2.50 a suit. These prices are but little more than half the former price. Examine these suits at the prices we quote and be convinced. V.S. Co. [VANDERHURST, SANBORN]
-James H. McDOUGALL, receiver for Isabel SOBERANES, an incompetent person, by her guardian ad litem, Benito SOBERANES, vs. Abel SOBERANES, filed with the county clerk on Thursday a petition for an order of court authorizing him to sell 2736 sacks of barley and 1350 sacks of wheat.
-John C. DROGE filed in the office of the county recorder Saturday a certified copy of the original map of the town of Chualar, which was drawn and filed by him, the original map in some way having disappeared from the office, and deeds to property in that place have now ceased to be orphans.
-There was a wife beating case at Gilroy the other day. After entering complaint, the wife refused to appear and testify, and was brought into court on a bench warrant. She testified that her husband did not beat her at all, but only have her a loving embrace. The jury found the fellow guilty, and the court gave him 130 days for the loving embrace.
-Nick TIKRIZA, a native of Austria, was admitted to citizenship yesterday.
-The trial of Constable McCARTEA of San Juan on a charge of manslaughter for the killing of Mrs. FREEON is set for tomorrow in the superior court of Monterey county.
-The butchers tug-of-war team has disbanded; consequently the challenges sent them by the Watsonville butchers and the Hay Seeds of Chualar will not be accepted.
-S.M. HENDERSON and wife were thrown from their wagon in Soledad last Monday, and Mr. HENDERSON was unconscious for some time, but at last accounts was rational and thought to be much better. Mrs. HENDERSON was but slightly injured. The team was frightened by barking dogs.

**Personal & Social --
-Mrs. P.W. GYDISON goes to Pacific Grove Monday for a weeks visit.
-R.B. STOCKARD, of Modesto, is in town as a witness on the HAWES trial.
--R. MORTENSEN, of Gonzales, leaves today on a visit to his old home in Denmark.
-H.J. COWGER left Tuesday for West Virginia, where his parents are reported seriously ill.
-Dr. R.L. MATTHEWS and his sons, Sam N. and John L., of King City, were in town Tuesday.
-Mrs. Thos. D. HUGHES, of Gonzales, was in Salinas Saturday and Sunday on a visit to relatives here.
-Miss Dessie HAMILTON, the artistic milliner, returned Friday from a business trip to San Francisco.
-C.A. KELTNER of Indian valley has just graduated from Chesnutwoods Business college at Santa Cruz.
-Jerome CALDWELL, nursery agent, has returned from a visit to the large establishments at Niles and at Butte county.
-Miss Mabel DORN, at school at Notre Dame convent, San Jose, spent Sunday with her parents, Judge and Mrs. DORN, in Salinas.
-Major CAMP, a Minneapolis capitalist, who for the past 7 years has wintered in California, has been the guest this week of Hon. J.D. CARR.
-Mrs. Dr. SPENCE, of Stockton, mother, and Mrs. HORR of Paso Robles, sister, visited Dr. T.C. EDWARDS this week, Mrs. Dr. SPENCE returning Tuesday.
-Mrs. E.A. HIGGINS, of Oakland, and Mrs. T.W. SWOPE, of Montana, who were visiting their cousin, Mrs. H.E. STAFFORD, took their departure for San Jose yesterday.
-Rev. J.S. McGOWAN, wife and son Eddie LEAVE Monday for their new home at Fresno Flats, going by way of Hollister and Pacheco pass. Their effects will go around by rail.
-Mrs. Job WOOD and her aunt, Mrs. CHAPMAN, now on a visit here went to San Jose yesterday for 2 or 3 days. Mrs. CHAPMAN goes to visit a brother she has not seen for 40 years.
-Mrs. Captain HEALEY, wife of the master of the revenue cutter Bear, has been the guest this week of Hon. J.D. CARR and his daughter, Mrs. H.W. SEALE. She left for San Francisco Tuesday and will shortly accompany her husband to a station at the seal poaching grounds in Alaska.
-Hon. J.D. CARR, Mrs. H.W. SEALE, Mrs. N.L. BUEL and Major CAMP will start next Monday for the City of Mexico, on a pleasure trip. Major CAMP will there leave the party and proceed directly to his Minneapolis home, to take part in preparations for the Republican National convention.

The late grand jury brought in 4 indictments against L.B. JENKINS, justice of the peace of Alisal township -- 3 for perjury and 1 for altering and mutilating public documents. He was brought before Judge DORN last Saturday and bail on each charge reduced to $1000 from the sum of $2000 fixed by the grand jury. Bail was promptly given, with H.E. ABBOTT and O.I. ABBOTT, as sureties. W.A. KEARNEY, S.F. GEIL and J.J. WYATT have been retained as attorneys for the defense.

**Departure of Rev. J.B. McGOWAN -- Rev. J.S. McGOWAN, who has ministered in various portions of Monterey county for [paper damaged -- 2 lines illegible] on the eve of hisof labor at Fresno Flats, in the northeastern portion of Fresno county, about 50 miles east of Merced. During Rev. McGOWANs labors in this region he has built 5 Episcopal chapels, at Salinas, Monterey, San Miguel, Jolon and King City. His conspicuous fitness for missionary labor caused Assistant Bishop NICHOLS of this diocese to assign him to duty in this new field, and Mr. McGOWANs convictions of duty moved him to accept, although the sundering of loved ties formed during a lengthy pastorate is neither easy nor pleasant. Mr. McGOWANs labors in this region have been full of self denial and earnestness in the sacred cause that have won the admiration of the people and the affection of those under his ministrations. People in Salinas remember how, when he was stationed at Watsonville, he performed the journey on foot to hold services at Salinas and Castroville, because the support he was receiving did not allow expenses for railroad fare, and his labors in other parts of the county have been of the same character. The public sentiment in regard to his departure is that an able, sincere and godly man is passing from our midst, and the kindest wishes of the entire community will follow him to his new field of labor.

**A Pleasant Party -- Hon. J.D. CARR gave a progressive euchre party at his residence, corner of Church and Howard streets, last Monday evening. The spacious parlors and adjoining rooms were brilliantly lighted and tastefully decorated with smilax, foliage plants and flowers, including beautiful roses, pinks and violets, whose fragrance surcharged the air. There were 7 tables of players, and the game was highly enjoyed by the participants. The prizes were awarded as follows: Ladys 1st prize, a beautiful hand-painted cup and saucer, Mrs. W.J. HILL; ladys 2nd prize, silver call bell, Miss Annie WILLIAMS; gentlemans 1st prize, silver cork extractor, J.W. STIRLING; gentlemans 2nd prize, set of carvers, J.D. CARR, who presented them to one of the ladies. Elegant refreshments were served, and the guests dispersed about midnight. Besides the host and his daughter, Mrs. H.W. SEALE, and Mrs. N.L. BUEL, the following were present: Mr.&Mrs. H. COREY, Mr.&Mrs. B.V. SARGENT, Jr., Mr.&Mrs. W.J. HILL, Mr.&Mrs. M.L. DEXTER, Mr.&Mrs. M. WILLIAMS; Mesdames Captain HEALEY, Thos. HARRIS, E.M. HOAGLAND, M. McHARRY, E.L. BAKER, P.W. GYDISON; Misses Annie WILLIAMS, Jennie WILLIAMS, Della NORRIS, Dr. May C.E. GYDISON; Messrs. V.D. BLACK, Major CAMP, C. BARBOUR, J. NORRIS, S. BALLENE, J.W. STIRLING, Dr. D.F. FOX, A.D. MENDENHALL.

**The HAWES Trial -- The 3rd trial of Charles W. HAWES for the murder of Edward W. WAGNER at Monterey on the 19th of last June began at the superior court Tuesday morning. District Attorney SARGENT conducted the prosecution and S.F. GEIL, W.A. KEARNEY and J.J. WYATT appeared for the defense. Out of the regular panel of 70 jurors, 10 were obtained as unchallenged and qualified to sit in the case, and the court Tuesday after noon ordered a special venire for 20 jurors, to be drawn from the list selected by the board of supervisors. The examination into the qualifications of those summoned on the special venire was proceeded with yesterday, and at 11 oclock a.m. the 2 remaining jurors were secured, making the jury for the trial of this case stand as follows: Carl DECKER, B.P. HUNTER, R.J. VIERRA, T.J. CLAPP, John B. LOUDEN, J.H. CLAPP, Peter S. ERICKSON, T.N. AAROE, J.D. HALL, J.D. HARRIS, F.H. LAND, E.J. ROBINSON. The introduction of evidence was then begun by the prosecution. It is expected that the trial will be hurried forward more rapidly than it was on former trials.

**Tug-of-War Contest -- The tug-of-war contest between the butchers and blacksmiths last Monday night was the occasion for an unusual exhibition of pleasant rivalry, not only among the contestants but among the friends of the respective parties, and much wealth was wagered on the result. It is reported that 1 Watsonvillean put up $80 on the blacksmiths against $20 by an admirer of the opposition, and went home a poorer and wiser man. A staid citizen of this town wagered 20 on the butchers to 25 and raked down the pot, but it was subsequently ascertained that the figures referred to cents instead of dollars. It is currently reported that on the spot where pools were sold on the contest enough was picked up to start a respectable bank account. The blacksmiths were the favorites in the pools, a tip having been given that the butchers [2 lines damaged beyond legibility]brought to the score for a start that the average age of the butchers was 26 years and their average weight 167 pounds, the blacksmiths average age being 28 years and their average weight 169 pounds. C.F. LACEY was umpire and gave the word go.
At the signal both teams settled down to their work and the butchers scored 2 cleats from the enemy. The blacksmiths pulled themselves together to recover lost ground, but the butchers wouldnt have it. The butchers made a 2nd attempt to get more rope, but the blacksmiths stood like a stone wall. Then the butchers girded up their loins for a supreme effort, and with a long pull, a strong pull and a pull altogether brought the blacksmiths into their camp. The contest lasted 4 minutes and 14 seconds. Then the spectators in the crowded pavilion rose in 1 mighty cheer for the victors, and the butchers folded each other in a fond embrace. One enthusiastic butcher cried out, What the matter is mit the placksmiths?
The members composing the teams are the following:
Butchers -- Francis A. ABBOTT, Frank WEBBER, Joe WHITE, Gus WEBBER, F. HOLLAND, Fred McCOLLUM, Hi TAYLOR, Chris HANSON, Tom JOY, Louie SCHNEIDER; W.T. DUNCAN, captain.
After the contest the floor was cleared for dancing, which was kept up until a late hour. The Salinas band furnished music for the contest and the dance.
The butchers have now established the fact that they have a pull, and politicians and litigants are expected to show them marked consideration. It is stated that the dry goods boys are envious to try conclusions with the green grocers and [rest is cut off]

**Gonzales Items -- from last Saturdays Tribune --
-Mrs. Wash PARSONS celebrated her 57th birthday last Monday.
-Messrs. WIDEMAN, SOBERANES and COCHRAN, appraisers of the estate of Rafael ESTRADA, deceased, were halted by tramps while on their way to the San Antonio country last week, but, by playing broke, they got off without rendering financial aid to the gentlemen of the road.
-The house of Henry RIANDA, a farmer living near the gravel pit this side of Soledad, was entered last Sunday by burglars while the occupants were at church and robbed of $200 in coin, which was concealed in the bed room. Two well-dressed and stylish-looking tramps seen in the neighborhood that day are suspected of the robbery, but no trace of them can be found.

San Miguel Courier -- An Early Pioneer -- Thomas WARD, of Cholame, who was recently stopping at the French hotel at this place, is one of Californias earliest pioneers -- having come here in 1842, under Commodore SLOAT who landed at Monterey and built the old fort that commanded the bay of that name. Mr. WARD assisted in running the cannon up the hill from the frigate Savannah, and also helped to pull down the Mexican flag July 7, 1846, at about 10 oclock in the morning. Capt. MERVIN was the man who hauled down the signal. Captain MERVIN was post captain. The sloop Sien [or Slen] and Levant belonged to the fleet. Mr. WARD was at that time an able seaman on the frigate Savannah, commanded by Robert F. PINKNEY.

**Pacific Grove Notes -- from last Saturdays Review --
-Miss Bertha RAYMOND, Pacific Groves station agent, has gone on a visit to Las Vegas, New Mexico.

**Castroville Items -- from last Fridays Enterprise --
-Dr. DAVIS and family have moved into the COOPER house this week.
-Mr.&Mrs. J. SCETTRINI were called to Salinas Monday to perform the pleasant task of acting as bridesmaid and groom to A. MORELLI and bride.
-Manuel MERRITT sold this week his ranch of 140 acres lying between here and Moss Landing to M.M. MOORE. We understand the price paid was $65 per acre.

Monterey New Era -- Two schooners loaded with lumber for our local lumber dealers in the bay at one time does not look as if the building trade was very slack in Monterey. Both vessels arrived from the north Sunday. The Golden Gate, bearing a cargo for T.G. LAMBERT, left the Navarro river 2 days earlier than Bill the Butcher, whose cargo was assigned to H. PRINZ, but the latter proved the fleetest sailor and arrived here some hours ahead of the Golden Gate.

**Monterey Items -- from last Saturdays Cypress --
-Thos. M. ALLEN announces himself for city marshal, subject to the republican convention.
-Mr. E.C. LINDER, of San Miguel, has purchased the Bohemian saloon from Dan MORAN and will conduct the same in the future.
-The buffalo cow mentioned in the San Francisco Chronicle as being consigned to the Pacific Improvement company, arrived here Monday and was the property of Mr. E.J. MOLERA, brother-in-law of J.B.H. COOPER. Mr. MOLERA has a buffalo bull and a cow now on his place down the coast and is trying the experiment of crossing the American bison with tame cattle. The cow lately brought was taken down the coast Tuesday.
-Mr.&Mrs. Herman PRINZ celebrated their silver wedding on the 17th, in the midst of a large concourse of friends who made the een pleasant with valuable souvenirs. The Cypress says of the worthy couple: Mr.&Mrs. H. PRINZ, of this city, are still in the prime of life, the former a busy, active, influential business man of Monterey, and his wife a young looking, frolicsome, pleasant English lady, always full of fun and gifted with one of those happy dispositions that dispels sorrow wherever she goes.

**San Lucas -- from last Thursdays Herald --
-Mrs. William GRISWOLD is able to be out after several days sickness.
-Mrs. J.M. SHUNK and Miss May SHUNK of Jolon were over from Jolon last Tuesday.
-Last week a suit of clothes, razor, and watch belonging to a workman employed on a ranch near San Ardo were stolen. A clue as to who stole them was at once obtained and word sent here and to King City. A man answering the description and having the stolen articles in his possession was arrested at King City, on Saturday, by Officer E.J. PERRY. He was brought to this place and tried Monday before Judge MORSE. He gave the name of W.J. HYLAND, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 90 days in the county jail. Constable MARTINEZ took him to Salinas on Tuesday.

**King City Items -- from last Saturdays Settler --
-Mr. MELANDER, the genial bookkeeper for the VANDERHURST, SANBORN Co., store, has taken a few weeks leave of absence, and has gone towards San Francisco. Rumor hath it that when Mr. MELANDER meanders back he will not be alone.
-The MATTHEWS brothers got back to their ranch last week from their trip of several weeks duration in Texas and Arizona, where they had gone to invest in a breed of cattle new to this country. Of 640 head of the stock they shipped to this country by rail, but 2 died in transit. The cattle were taken from the cars at Hollister and driven from there to the ranch.
-7 toughs struck the town on Friday of last week and immediately commenced painting it a vermillion hue. Four fell into the clutches of the law and 3 made their escape. Judge BROWN meted out justice to the quartet, as follows: Joseph BENN, for battery, a fine of $250 or 125 days in the county jail; Thos. GARRY, petty larceny, $100 or 50 days; S.J. CLARK and Jno. DAUGHERTY, $60 or 30 days each. In default of paying their fines they were taken to Salinas by the constable.

**Letter List -- Following is a list of unclaimed letters remaining in the Salinas City post office, Monterey county, Cal., Feb. 21, 1892. To obtain any of these letters the applicant must call for advertised letters. If not called for in 2 weeks they will be sent to the Dead Letter Office:
BERRY, Mrs. A.
FOSTER, Joseph
MORES, Chona
McGUIRE, Miss M.

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