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Salinas Weekly Index
Salinas Weekly Index
Contributed by deesar

Description: General

Date: April 21 1892

Newspaper published in: Salinas

Thursday, 21 Apr 1892

Born -- GRANT -- in Salinas, April 18, 1892, to the wife of Alfred GRANT, a son.

Born -- DAVIS -- in King City, April 13, 1892, to the wife of Wm. DAVIS, a son.

Born -- STEINBECK -- in King City, April 14, 1892, to the wife of J.E. STEINBECK, a daughter.

Married -- CHABOYA-HERON -- at San Miguel, April 20, 1892, by Rev. Father FRANCHI; Leonardo P. CHABOYA of San Lucas and Miss Mary HERON of Bradley, Monterey county.

Died -- BULLENE -- in Salinas, April 14, 1892, Alfred BULLENE, a native of New York, aged 67 years, 7 days. [Deceased was born in Hannibal, Oswego county, New York in 1825. He came with his parents to Kenosha, Wisconsin, while a mere lad. Arriving at manhood, he located in business at Richmond, Illinois, where he was married to Miss Mittey [3rd letter iffy] STOREY, of Walworth county, Wisconsin. After living many years at Richmond he removed to Sharon, Wisconsin, near the former home of his wife, where he remained until his removal to California in 1872, settling in Salinas. His marriage was blessed with 3 sons & 2 daughters. His wife died in Sharon, 1 year before he came to California, and both of his daughters died in Salinas, Mrs. Charles L. WESTLAKE dying not long before her father. Mr. BULLENE had been an invalid for years, and often remarked to his family during the past year that the end of his pilgrimage could not be far off. He was an honored member of the Methodist church, and died in the fullest assurance of a blissful immortality.]
[Death of Alfred BULLENE -- In the death of Alfred BULLENE Salinas loses one of its oldest citizens, he having been a resident of this place for nearly 20 years, and having been one of our best known and respected citizens. He followed his trade here successfully up to 3 years ago when failing health compelled him to relinquish it. He was a brother-in-law of the late Hon. W.H. SEARS, who at the time of his death was collector of internal revenue at San Francisco and of Judge CUTTER, an attorney who died some years ago in Salinas. The funeral took place last Saturday afternoon from the Gabilan street M.E. church, of which deceased had long been a member, the services being conducted by Rev. C.G. MILNES, and the remains were followed to their last resting place in Odd Fellows’ cemetery by a large concourse of friends and acquaintances of deceased.]

At the county hospital Tuesday an intricate surgical operation for the removal of an ovarian tumor was performed by Doctors ARCHER, STAFFORD, PARKER and BRUMWLL upon Mrs. DAVIDSON. The operation was considered the only possible chance to preserve life. The unfortunate woman never recovered from the shock, but died yesterday morning.

From last Saturday’s Monterey ‘Cypress’ -- J.A. MONTGOMERY, father of Mrs. W.W. RAMSAY and Mrs. D.K. FRASIER of this place [Monterey] and Mrs. YOUNG of Santa Cruz, died at his residence at Oak Grove (in this city [Monterey]) Sunday, and was buried from Presbyterian church Monday, Rev. George McCORMICK, an old friend of the deceased, officiating. Deceased was an ex-soldier, having served in the Union army, where he received a wound which made him an invalid for the balance of his life. He had been a resident of this county several years and was highly respected and well liked by all who knew him.

Judge DORN granted an order Monday committing F.H. RAY for contempt of court for neglecting to pay alimony heretofore ordered by the court to his wife whom he has deserted. The case presents some nice legal points, the attorneys for RAY contending that there is no law to compel a man to support his wife until after she has commenced action for divorce. As she cannot commence such action on the ground of desertion until after the lapse of a year, and after the commencement of the action has to allege that her husband has contributed nothing for her support in that time, the situation seems to present an exigency calculated to make a woman’s righter howl.

**Brief Mention --
-Joaquin CORREIA, a native of Portugal, was on Tuesday admitted to citizenship on the testimony of M.S. GEORGE and A. DUTRA.
-Jas. FORD, Thos. J. BALLARD and Eli LEE were on Saturday appointed appraisers of the estate of James R. JORDAN, deceased.
-The city board of education of Salinas at their meeting Monday evening appointed D.G. KALAR [or KAIAR] as school census marshal for the schools of this city.
-Judge DORN on Thursday made an order appointing L.H. GARRIGUS, James BRAFFET and J.J. KELLY as appraisers of the estate of Florence J. JENKINS, deceased.
-George HARPER, a native of Scotland, was on Monday in the superior court admitted to citizenship, on the testimony of Barney HENDERSON and Hind HARPER, Jr.
-Judge DORN on Saturday made an order appointing John A. PARKER, L.H. GARRIGUS and John W. ROWLING appraisers of the estate of Elizabeth H. LUCE, deceased.
-A colored boy by the name of WILLIAMS at Blanco is suffering from peritonitis. In a tussle with another boy he was hit below the belt, which is supposed cause of the ailment.
-Sam LEE, who has laundried the soiled linens of Salinas for a number of years, has turned over his business to his brother and will shortly go to China to see his wife and children. Sam says he will have no trouble about getting back when he gets ready to return.

**Tug of War Contest -- Last Saturday evening at the pavilion, the contest between the Salinas butchers and the Gonzales team took place, with result of victory to the Gonzales team in 7 minutes and 40 seconds. It was a straight victory for the Gonzalites, the Salinas boys never gaining any rope from their opponents. C.E. NOUGUES, Esq., was chosen as referee. Williams SARLES acted as judge for the Gonzales team and Henry FORSTON was its captain. Tom JOY was the judge for the butchers and W.T. DUNCAN captain. The Gonzales team was composed of the following members: W. BROCKMAN (anchor), Meliton ALVISO, Jno. HARGENS, Wm. WHITCHER, Tom NELSON, James QUIRK, James I. TAYLOR, Joe FROLLI, Frank KIDD, Jack PLATZ. The butchers’ team was made up as follows: Ed. LITTLEFIELD (anchor), F.A. ABBOTT, Frank HOLLAND, Gus WEBBER, Ed. STRUVE, F. TRIER, James HOLM, John WHITE, Frank MACHADO.
The attendance was not up to former contests, and showed that interest in these matters is on the wane here as it has been at every place where it has been introduced. The Salinas band enlivened the occasion with some of its choice music, and after the contest the floor was cleared for dancing, which continued until late into the night. The inevitable result was a little more conspicuous on this than on a former occasion -- the victors celebrated their conquest and the defeated drowned their sorrows, and as there had to be victors and vanquished in the nature of things, the spirituous influences were a sequence of the contest.

**Elegant Private Residence -- The finest private residence of Salinas is now in process of construction for Don Pedro ZABALA on the corner of Pajaro and San Luis streets. The brick foundation is now laid for the 8-foot basement story, in readiness for the superstructure. The building will be 2 stories above the basement with an 8-foot attic, Queen Anne style, with a corner tower. The building will square about 60 feet each way. The lower floor is so arranged that the front and back parlors, reception hall and sitting room can be thrown into 1 large, magnificent room for festive occasions. There are 8 large chambers in the upper story and 1 bedroom on the first floor. The plans for the front elevation facing Pajaro street show a beautiful structure. The work is under the superintendence of B.S. WILCOXEN.

**Personal & Social --
-H.E. TITAMORE is expected back from Canada next week.
-W.H. GIBSON is in the 40th years of his residence in California.
-Alex. ANDERSON is in town from San Jose, shaking hands with old-time friends.
-Hon B.V. SARGENT was in town from Monterey yesterday. He reports Mrs. SARGENT, who was seriously ill last week, as much better.
-J.B. McCORMICK, wife and child of Fresno have been visiting the family of Rev. George McCORMICK.
-Hon. J.D. CARR left Thursday for his Modoc ranch, which is now in charge of his son, John CARR.
-Mr.&Mrs. Thomas O. EVANS, who live on the San Lorenzo, near King City, arrived Saturday on a visit to Mr. EVANS’ parents, Mr.&Mrs. J.G. EVANS.
-Chris HOFFMAN returned Thursday from a visit to Gonzales, accompanied by his granddaughters, Maggie and Hazel WIDEMAN, who returned Monday.
-Prof. James T. STOCKDALE of the Monterey schools visited Salinas Monday on his way to do some surveying in the southern part of the county, during his long vacation.
-Mrs. Dr. BARDUE of San Francisco and her sister, M.V. MOREHOUSE, of San Jose, and a sister from Tacoma arrived Saturday on a visit to their parents, Mr.&Mrs. William DeWITT.
-Elmer P. ALEXANDER, a pupil of the Vandernalian Practical Engineering school, San Francisco, arrived Monday to spend his vacation with his parents, Judge J.K. and Mrs. ALEXANDER.
-J.H. FOSTER, agent for the S.P. Co. here, with his wife and child and Miss Clara LAWERNCE, left this morning on a visit to relatives at Merced Falls. They expect to be absent 3 weeks, during which time Geo. GATES will have charge of the railroad office.

**Nearly a Fire -- Last Friday afternoon the mill of the Central Milling company had a close call for destruction from fire. As VANDERHURST, SANBORN Co.’s men were returning from pasture, where they had gone to bring up some horses, they discovered smoke issuing from the ventilator on the roof of the mill. One of them notified the mill hands and the other hurried up town to give the alarm. The fire was quickly extinguished by the facilities kept at the mill. But for the timely discovery, the fire would have soon got into the roof and elevators and distributed itself throughout the whole building, making it impossible to save it. The fire is supposed to have caught from a spark from the smokestack.

**Gonzales Items -- from last Saturday’s ‘Tribune’ --
-Frank ROACH has sold his Chualar canyon ranch and is about to leave for Oregon, where he will permanently locate.
-Mr.&Mrs. Henri FAIRWEATHER, who are on a lecturing tour of the state under the auspices of the Farmers’ Alliance, addressed the people of Gonzales and vicinity on Wednesday evening at the Methodist church.
-Miss Clara GORDON has been confined to her room this week with the mumps, and consequently could not attend to her duties as teacher of the primary department of our public schools. Her sister-in-law, Mrs. Dr. GORDON, taught in her place.

**King City Items -- from last Saturday’s ‘Settler’ --
-Misses Katie and Mamie LYNN of Iowa, who have been here visiting relatives, went to Salinas Sunday and are the guests of other members of the family.

**San Lucas -- from last Thursday’s ‘Herald’ --
-Prof. H. VIEUXTEMP, the musical instructor from San Francisco, will start a vocal music class at this place.
-Mrs. Wm. SWALLEY has sold her store to Mrs. J. PALMTAG. Mr.&Mrs. SWALLEY will henceforth make their home at Hanford, Tulare county.
-D.R. LOFLAND returned from San Francisco Tuesday. Mrs. LOFLAND remained for a few days with her son, Harry, who is not entirely over the effects resulting from an operation performed on his limb. Mr. LOFLAND reports that his son’s health is steadily improving.

The earthquake accounts from Dixon state that George HARMES was sleeping in a building on which the wall of an adjoining brick building fell, crushing in the roof and covering him with debris. He was considerably cut and bruised but not seriously injured.

**Monterey Items -- from last Saturday’s ‘Cypress’ --
-A.A. MANUEL has been elected to represent Monterey Lodge, No. 182, I.O.O.F., at the grand lodge session to be held in San Francisco next May.
-Tuesday last Fred WILCOX and Mr. CRANE, both of Chicago, started out in company with F.R. DAY on a fishing excursion up the Carmel river. They returned to the Del Monte Thursday, greatly pleased with their trip, and brought with them several speckled trout.
-Unless the defects are remedied in the telephone line between this city and San Francisco, the company cannot blame the people at this end if the line is not a financial success. In its present condition it is next to impossible to hold audible conversation between this place and the metropolis, and many of us who purchased coupons to encourage its construction are compelled to patronize the telegraph or await the slower medium of the mails.

**Pacific Grove Notes -- from last Saturday’s ‘Review’ --
-Mrs. J.M. PAGE, who has been spending the winter in Oakland and San Francisco, returned Saturday.
-Mrs. HOLLENBECK has added to the front of her block of buildings on Lighthouse road a flight of steps running its entire length of easy ascent, yet leaving sufficient sidewalk space clear for any amount of travel.
-A pretty modern cottage of 5 rooms is being put up on the corner of Lighthouse road and Thirteenth street for M.R. MERRITT, of Salinas. FERRIS & BOSWELL are the architects, and the plans and specifications show a very desirable design, within and without.

**Lake School -- Following is the roll of honor of the Lake school, Miss Emma KERR, teacher, for the month ending April 8, 1892:
Genie HAMBY, 99
Abbie OAKES, 96
Alice HAMBY, 96
Anna HAMBY, 95
Mortie HAMBY, 94
Wesley MOYER, 93
Freddie OAKES, 93
Ethel HAMBY, 92
Clem HAMBY, 92
Edna OAKES, 91
John HAMBY, 90

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